The Plaintive Wailing Of A Republican Party Crumbling Under The Weight Of Donald Trump

As this wacky election season continues to spiral out of control, the sound of an increasingly impotent Republican Party scratching at the door is becoming ever more noticeable. The so-called establishment candidates are falling to the wayside as a creature manufactured by reality TV lumbers across the GOP landscape, flattening its hopes like cardboard models being trampled by a carrot-topped Godzilla.


In the frantic chaos that ensues, the Republican National Committee is exhibiting signs of desperation. Party chair Reince Priebus has mounted a backroom campaign to convince everyone that he has everything firmly under control, a claim that has evoked nothing but laughter. Politico is reporting that Priebus is…

“…stating in private meetings that the party has sway over its at times unwelcome front-runner because it has tools Trump will need to use to win a general election — voter data and field, digital and media operations that a nominee typically inherits from the party infrastructure.”

“Dangling access to these resources, Priebus thinks he can help steer Trump toward partywide policy goals and away from the inflammatory rhetoric that Republican officials see as divisive and dangerous.”

Well, that ought scare the savage Trumpzilla into bowing to the supremacy of the party that he has been running against for eight months. The lunacy that Priebus thinks Trump cares about the RNC’s “resources” is almost as absurd as his belief that Trump would ditch his potty-mouth politics, or that he doesn’t already espouse the wingnut policy goals of the party at large. If Trump cared about partnering with the RNC he would not be repeatedly threatening to abandon the party and run as an independent. He wouldn’t be accusing them of distributing illegal solicitations. He wouldn’t be criticizing their debate audiences as being deliberately stacked against him.

Even setting aside the hostility that exists between the RNC and The Donald, the GOP’s services are not exactly state of the art. Last year it was revealed that the Koch brothers were building their own campaign machine that includes many of the services that are typically performed by a political party. The Koch operation was said to be angling to replace the party’s electoral architects by building and distributing the voter access tools and outreach capability.

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With the Koch’s running election services and Fox News running PR, you might be wondering what purpose the RNC serves. A lot of political operatives and analysts are wondering the same thing. Under the direction of Priebus the party has become less of a factor than in previous years. It has struggled with Trump’s candidacy from the beginning when his refusal to rule out a third-party run resulted in a loyalty oath that all candidates were required to sign (and which Trump has already hinted he might break). It would be wishful thinking to imagine that Trump would suddenly buckle under to a weakened GOP that’s begging him to play nice.


7 thoughts on “The Plaintive Wailing Of A Republican Party Crumbling Under The Weight Of Donald Trump

  1. Look in your Funk & Wagnalls under “asshat” and you’ll find a photo of The Dickhead, er Donald.

  2. Get Trump the hell out of our party or I will leave. He is rude arrogant and a real piece of trash and I have supported the Republican Party for over 30 years but with Trump in it I have to maybe say good bye!! He is not a conservative republican, he is a jackass!!!!

    • Your party built him, enabled him. All the “issues” he is running on is only possible due to the fact that he’s running as a Republican. The reason why he’s able to garner so much support is because of a voter base moulded by the Republican party and media into thinking that they can have it however which way, facts and truth be damned. His lies therefore are of no consequence and the more he does his schtick, the more his supporters love him.

      That’s because they’ve been conditioned to vote with their hearts never with their heads.

      You want to know who can and should stop Trump Republicans? Let me show you, here’s a mirror, take a good look.

      For years the GoP have styled themselves as “the party of responsibility” especially in their excuses for being against welfare. “Take responsibility for your own actions!” They cry.

      Trump is a product of your party, their actions, decisions and political positions. His current successful campaign? You built that.

      Therefore it’s way past time for the GoP and whoever among their remaining base to take their own advice if they want their asses saved from Trump.

    • Roxanne, we would like you in our party. We’re inclusive, unlike the GOP.

    • I agree with Greg. The GOP is not what it was 30 years ago – or even 10 years ago. And it isn’t just Trump. Cruz is just as bad, if not worse. The party has been taken over by radical talk radio nutcases.

      Whenever I hear Trump talking about running 3rd party I think that if he is the GOP nominee the rest of the party should leave and start a 3rd party and leave the GOP to Trump the Tea Party. I wrote about that a couple of months ago.

    • The rest of the GOP look like even bigger jackasses.

    • One question: Did the prospect of Sarah Palin as president scare you seven years ago? If you cared more about your country than your party, you would have voted against her because she was clearly crazy and unqualified and John McCain was deeply irresponsible and cynical for picking her. It was his first executive decision and he failed miserably. Donald Trump picked up right where Sarah left off. To me, the GOP hasn’t just begun to be scary; it’s been scary for a very long time. But, I guess better late than never for taking those blinders off.

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