Be Aware: After Trump is Forced to Reverse His Child Abuse Policy, He’ll Take All the Credit

There is uncommon agreement across the political spectrum that Donald Trump’s arbitrary and abhorrent policy of ripping children from the arms of their mothers and fathers is unconscionable and unsustainable. At least outside of Congress, where Republicans continue to support this madness. Even former First Lady Laura Bush has condemned the practice, calling it “cruel,” “immoral,” and “heartbreaking.”

Donald Trump, Immigrant Children

But the Trump administration has been twisting itself into ninth level Mobius strips trying to deny, obfuscate, or otherwise absolve themselves of responsibility for the horror they have wrought. Trump’s Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen, had the gall to say flatly that “We do not have a policy of separating families at the border. Period.” And that’s after Trump himself admitted to the policy saying that “We have to break up families. The Democrats gave us that law.” Never mind that it has been well documented that there is no such law and that this is wholly a policy of the Trump administration, and the Democrats had nothing to do with it. It could be reversed by the stroke of a pen by Trump alone. Or even by legislation passed by the Republican controlled Congress. Trump doesn’t need the Democratic votes he keeps whining about.

Trump’s own senior staff admit that this is their doing. “If you don’t want your child separated,” said Attorney General Jeff Sessions, “then don’t bring them across the border illegally.” Of course, these asylum seekers are not breaking any laws. And speaking about family separation, Trump’s Chief of Staff, John Kelly, said “A big name of the game is deterrence [and] it could be a tough deterrent.” In both cases they are advocating cruelty and human rights abuse as a deterrent for a civil border violation.

Trump is still lying about his responsibility. He tweeted Monday morning that “It is the Democrats fault for being weak and ineffective with Boarder Security.” Although he isn’t even effective enough to spell “border” correctly. He also tweeted that “Children are being used by some of the worst criminals on earth as a means to enter our country.” Actually, he’s close. Children are being used by some of the worst criminals on earth (Trump and the GOP) as a means to hold them hostage to Republican demands for an idiotic and useless wall along the nation’s southern border.

With the near unanimous revulsion for Trump’s policy, it is inevitable that it will be rescinded. It may come from Congress or the White House, but it seems unthinkable that it would be permitted to continue, even by Republicans who, so far, have shown zero compassion. And with a rescission there will also likely be an attempt on Trump’s part to take credit for it. That’s what he does. He is genetically incapable of taking responsibility for any of his failures, but he is psychotically obsessed with taking credit for everyone else’s achievements (ask Obama).

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While it’s important to point out that this mess is all Trump’s doing, and that he is lying when he blames Democrats for his own heinous policy, it will be equally important to make sure that he doesn’t exalt himself as the savior of the children once he is forced to reverse his policy. What he’s doing is a moral atrocity. It will have been a moral atrocity after it’s stopped. Some of the damage to these kids will be permanent, and the perpetrators deserve permanent scorn for what they’ve done. We must never forget or forgive this sort of noxious government activity. #BlameTrump


5 thoughts on “Be Aware: After Trump is Forced to Reverse His Child Abuse Policy, He’ll Take All the Credit

  1. How the Drumpfy Administration Makes Policy.

    1) Invent a crisis on the basis of his bigotry, his egotism, or his narcissism, though not necessarily in that order, and do so with no thought whatsoever;
    2) Tweet new policy: that he’s going to ban anyone with darker skin than he has / he’s going to build his f*cking wall / we’ve got to break up families because [fill in the blank] are actually illegals being sneaked into this country / something else he invented in five seconds with no thought whatsoever;
    3) Call anyone who objects a traitor to this country;
    4) Listen to Fox News to determine how THEY like the new policy;
    5) Get orders from Vlady or Seanny as to what to do next (not always necessary);
    6) Forget all about policy invented with no thought whatsoever;
    7) How DARE Obama come up with this disgusting and racist policy! I’m gonna fix that!;
    8) Take the credit for NOT making this policy that he invented with no thought whatsoever;
    9) Fox News praises Their Beloved God and Master for not breaking up families; condemn Obama for WANTING to break up families;
    10) Wait for tonight’s episode of 24/Fucks & Fiends to find out what to do next.

    After he finishes his 23 Big Macs, of course….

  2. He’s already lied and blamed Democrats for it, so of course he will take credit for it, he never misses the chance to do that.

    He will also take credit by saying that he “stopped” what the Democrats “started” (remember his remarks about Birtherism?). Because what’s better than taking credit other than also pushing the blame on your opponents while doing so?

  3. Barbara Bush: “cruel,” “immoral,” and “heartbreaking”
    That’s RICH, coming from the wife of a war criminal who would be imprisoned and prosecuted by an international court the moment he steps out of the United States. Anything George Dumya Bush did bad, the Ringmaster of Cirque Du Collusion has proven to be capable of FAR worse. He’s already sung his praises of international dictators, he accomplished NOTHING in his meeting with Kim Jong Un, save for giving him the political credence he desired, he’s applauded Neo-Confiderates and Neo-Nazis after the murder of Heather Heyer, he’s shit on Colin Kaepernick for shining a light on the broken down racist criminal justice system, and he’s detaining kids at the border in concentration camps and, this is my personal favorite, he compelled ICE to round up life-long citizens as “illegals” and deported a ten-year-old girl with cerebral palsy, the condition of which my older brother is suffering from. LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HM UP!

  4. Someone explain to me why when every news organization is focused on the immigration crisis, Faux Noise’s Outnumbered is covering…
    wait for it…

    Hillary’s email!

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