Trump’s Press ‘Slackretary’ Runs to Fox News to Slander Democrats as Terrorist Supporters

Stephanie Grisham was appointed as Donald Trump’s third press secretary in as many years on July 1, 2019. In those six months she has not held a single press briefing. However, the slacker press shill has appeared repeatedly on Fox News and a couple of other Trump-fluffing media outlets like Sinclair. So Grisham is pocketing $179,000 a year to disseminate propaganda on shamelessly biased TV networks.

Stephanie Grisham, Fox News

On Monday morning Grisham made another stop at Fox News to polish the lies of her boss. The entire segment was typically repugnant and riddled with lies (video below), but this time she managed to advance some of the most nauseating attacks on the vast majority of Americans, and specifically those who are members of the nation’s largest political party, the Democrats. Grisham responded to a question from Fox’s Harris Faulkner about Trump’s retweeting of a blatantly bigoted meme that was intended to portray House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer as terrorist enemies of the state:

Faulkner: Why would the President even take the time to retweet something like this?
Grisham: I think the president is making clear that Democrats are parroting Iranian talking points and almost taking the side of terrorists and those who were out to kill Americans. I think the President was making the point that the Democrats seem to hate him so much that they’re willing to be on the side of countries, and leadership of countries, that want to kill Americans.

This is the sort of toxic rhetoric that has become the hallmark of Trump’s debasing of the presidency. If challenged, Grisham would not be able to cite a single instance of any Democrat, much less Pelosi and Schumer, “parroting Iranian talking points” or being “on the side of countries…that want to kill Americans.” But Grisham was not challenged by Faulkner. Her despicable words were in line with the mission of Fox News to exalt Trump and disparage his critics.

Grisham has not been alone in hurling these sort of grotesque obscenities. Many other Republican cretins have gone down this same path of division and hatred. And naturally, Trump is the leader of this parade of the pathetically putrid. He retweeted five other expressions of a similarly vile nature, asserting that Democrats were supporters of terrorists. That’s a bizarre accusation coming from Trump, and not just because it’s so grossly untrue. But Trump is the one who has cuddled up to murderous tyrants like Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Mohammed bin Salman, and he famously fell in love with Kim Jong Um. And not to be outdone by the Twitter brigades he retweeted, Trump composed his own tweet that accused Democrats of having an affinity for Iranian General Qasem Soleimani:

This march toward an ever more loathsome and hateful brand of politics has been in the making since Trump announced his candidacy. He believes that behaving like a severely disturbed child who’s been possessed by demons is an appropriate way to conduct government business. It’s why he continually maligns anyone who isn’t sufficiently worshipful. And, as is evident in his press secretary and his sycophants in Congress and the press, his sociopathy has infected all those around him. It’s a downward spiral that is observable in all those who still seek his favor by emulating the disgusting lack of morality that is his trademark.

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5 thoughts on “Trump’s Press ‘Slackretary’ Runs to Fox News to Slander Democrats as Terrorist Supporters

  1. She’s un-American and a steaming pile of s*it. She absolutely DESERVES to be treated like the s*istain she is. NOW and FOREVER, for the rest of her worthless, bulls*it, garbage life. She has EARNED it.

    • Perfectly said, “Guest”! She is a worthless piece of ? & Mz. Stuffy Grisham should – like the rest of what the Trump-Chump calls his staff – be flogged in the public square for her eager participation in the lead-up to Trump’s civil war 2.0!
      And for her spreading his bullshit on FuxNooz, rather than the courage it would take to hold a real press conference, we the taxpayers, are forced to pay her $179,000yr + excellent benefits?! Wonder if she’s also paid by that FAKE news channel to spew the hatred & 100% filthy lies of her putrid little boss-man?
      A public flogging of all his lying enablers would bring something resembling accountability back to American government & media shills.

  2. The evil Trumpenstein is already on his way to becoming a murderous tyrant by the murder and assassination of Qasem Soleimani. He had said that before he was elected that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it, and he also said that leaders of nations kill people all the time. The 45th dotard is rapidly catching up to his rhetoric and those who he has embraced (Mohammed bin Saiman, Xi Jinping, Vladimer Putin, etc.)

    • To elect some asshole who publicly states that he could shoot/kill a person & not lose any votes shows the mentality of his voters & the disgusting thought process of a person who should never, ever be elected to anything! Much less, President of the Divided States of God-less America.
      Until this time in American history, the sickening, hateful sh*t Trump says about fellow Americans that he is s’posed to be leading — job is to lead entire Country, NOT less than 1/2 who voted for him — would’ve been kept in his private thoughts!
      His hatred of over 1/2 the American People makes HIM our worst enemy & biggest DANGER to the safety & freedom of this Country! How many brave soldiers in all political parties have died (& still are) for our freedom?
      NO Trumps have served in the military. Trump sacrifice = 0.
      So they don’t care about OUR loved ones who gave their lives for this Country, the same 1 that he & his supporters are trashing(!) while the whole world watches!
      The most UNPATRIOTIC people are those who still support & defend that most ugly American ~ Trump!

  3. Why anyone wastes time listening to anything one of trumpty’s stupid whores has to say is great puzzlement.

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