Trump Truthfully Tells His Cult Rally Rabble that ‘I Think They’d Like To See Me In Prison’

Pathological liar Donald Trump doesn’t tell the truth very often. He has a record for blatantly lying during his occupation of the White House that President Biden – nor any future president – can ever hope to match. So when he does manage to say something truthful he deserves to get credit for it.

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Donald Trump, Prison

Trump has spent the past two years whining about his having lost the 2020 presidential election. However, his efforts to prove any of his claims that the election was “rigged and stolen” from him have failed in more than sixty court challenges for lack of even a shred of evidence. It is that campaign to undermine democracy that has come to be known as the “Big Lie.” Even his own Attorney General, Bill Barr, said it was “bullshit.”

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At his latest travelling salvation show, Trump rattled off his tedious litany of complaints and perceived victimhood. He repeated his well worn lines about the media, the election he lost, and always his seething hatred for all things democratic and his nemesis who bests him on all counts, President Biden. But on one matter Trump actually got something right at the end of a lie-riddled rant when he sobbed that…

“They’re trying to wipe out free speech, crush religious liberty, confiscate your guns, indoctrinate your children, criminalize dissent, and even put their political opponents in prison. I think they’d like to see me in prison. Can you imagine? I think they’d like… You know why? You know why? Because they’re sick. They’re sick people.”

Can you imagine? Can you imagine that law abiding Americans want politicians who commit crimes to be punished? Is it within your ability to grasp that people who incite violence in the process of staging a coup should be held accountable? Do you really believe that stealing highly sensitive national security materials, hoarding them in your hotel/home, and lying to the FBI about it should be prosecuted? Would you want authorities to investigate someone who committed bank and tax fraud for millions of dollars?

For the record, most Americans would answer all of those questions in the affirmative. Recent polling shows that nearly six in ten voters think that Trump should face charges over the January 6th insurrection. Even a Fox News poll shows that voters think Trump’s theft of classified documents was wrong by a whopping 39 point margin (65% to 26%).

As usual, just about everything else in Trump’s rally harangue is flagrantly false. It is Trump and his Republican comrades who have threatened free speech, literally proposing to ban books and censor media. They have fouled the notion of religious liberty by forcing their beliefs on everyone else. Their love affair with guns puts Americans at risk every day. And their idea of education is a true form of indoctrination that excises any historical facts that make conservatives uncomfortable, such as slavery and discrimination against minorities, immigrants, women, and LGBTQ.

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Trump’s complaints about people wanting to see him in prison run in stark contrast to his own advocacy of prison for his political opponents. He routinely accuses others of crimes without any facts to support his charges. His rallies regularly feature chants of “Lock [him/her] up,” for unidentified crimes and without trial or conviction. And just to demonstrate his raging hypocrisy, that chant was even taken up within minutes of his prison whining at Saturday’s rally. You really can’t make this up…

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