SCARY: Trump Posts Infantile Mauling of Fox News for Daring to Interview a (GASP) Democrat

On this All Hallows Eve there are armies of ghouls and goblins wandering the streets of America searching for brains. You can recognize them by their red hats and confederate flags. And it’s abundantly clear why they are so fixated on finding brains: They have an acute deficiency of them in their own hollow skulls.

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The leader of the zombie pack is their cult messiah Donald Trump. And on the day before Halloween he took to his floundering social media scam, Truth Social, to terrorize his already fearful glassy-eyed disciples. Amongst a barrage of dozens of posts exalting his own self-proclaimed divinity, Trump included one that was specifically crafted to foment the foreboding fright that he regularly injects into their tortured souls.

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Trump’s complaint centered on his morbidly obsessive need to insure that everyone in politics and the press agree with his utterly ignorant and unrealistic views, or be chastised for their betrayal. So Trump whined

“Why would Fox News have SleazeBall Congressman Al Green on to spew his stupidity? It’s time to get back to basics. Let him, and other Slime like him, continue to ruin MSDNC & CNN, which are dying. Keep them off Conservative Media, if that’s an accurate definition of what Fox has become?”

Uh-Oh. The sleaze and slime squads are swarming the TV screens of America with their dire debunking of Republican propaganda. That’s what Trump was so triggered by in his pseudo-tweet. Democratic Rep. Al Green was interviewed by Mike Emanuel on Fox News (video below) and had the audacity to reveal the truth about both the economy and the crime rates, two issues that top voters’ interests, and that have been exploited by the GOP. Green began by stating the facts about higher gas prices, a key factor inflation…

“Let’s talk about what has really created inflation. This inflation is caused by oil companies not wanting to increase refinery capacity. They don’t want to increase refining capacity because they are making huge profits by not doing so, […] the oil companies are making huge profits. Why would they want to bring prices down? That’s not an incentive. They want to keep prices high.”

Fox’s Emanuel had no response for that exposition of truth, so he just segued to a different topic: crime. And on this subject Green was equally prepared with the facts. He started out by noting that crime rates were higher in Republican Kevin McCarthy’s Bakersfield, California district than they were in Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco district. Then he elaborated saying that…

“I think we ought to compare states as well as cities. My colleagues are very good at creating alternative facts. But the truth is, according to statistical information, in 2020 the per capita murder rates were 40% higher in states won by Donald Trump, than those won by Joe Biden. Empirical evidence. Eight of ten states with the highest murder rates in 2020 voted for the Republican presidential nominee in every election in this century.”

Clearly Democrats have been better stewards of the nation with regard to both crime and economics. And Fox News couldn’t even dispute those facts. But that didn’t stop Trump from throwing the sort of childish tantrum that has become his hallmark. And, of course, Fox helped Trump to distort the record that shows the superiority of the Democrats, who also favor democracy over the authoritarian tyranny that Trump and his minions are trying to impose.

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Along with his comment whining about Green and Fox News, it’s notable that Trump posted 90 other comments since the assassination attempt intended for Pelosi, but still made no mention of the attack, nor any condemnation, nor any expression of sympathy. However, it may be better that Trump says nothing about that than risk making yet another stupid remark that reflects badly on his subservient Republican comrades.

UPDATE: Trump posted 18 more self-exalting, messianic comments including one with the QAnon slogan, WWG1WGA (where we go 1, we go all), and one that labels President Biden “PedoHitler.” He also raged some more about Fox News saying that…

“Fox News treats “TRUMP” every bit as badly as they did in 2015, before I later won the Election. Fox was brutal then, and not too good now. This lightweight failure in the Obama Administration, Fox News Contributer Marie Harf, is allowed to say anything she wants, without rebuttal – and others likewise. I beat Crooked Hillary Clinton, and then beat Biden by much more. Fox is afraid to say what REALLY happened in that farce of an Election – IT WAS RIGGED AND STOLLEN. Get tough Republicans!!!”

So Trump thinks that Fox News slobbering all over him, and airing all of his rallies in 2015 and 2016 uninterrupted, was bad treatment? And he’s still lying that he beat Biden? He lost the popular vote to both Clinton (by 3 million) and Biden (by 7 million). Trump was upset because of this segment with Harf on Fox News, where she was not only rebutted, but repeatedly interrupted. And if Republicans had any toughness they would help to prosecute and punish Trump. But they’re weak and scared and corrupt.

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