Desperate and Dishonest Fox News Hack Says Fetterman ‘Is For Castrating Kindergartners’

With the majority control of Congress at stake, Democrats and Republicans are shaping their closing arguments for the midterm election. That means that Democrats are focusing their campaigns on critical issues like abortion, healthcare, the economy, and preserving democracy, while Republicans are doubling down on personal insults, fear mongering, and blatant lies.

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Jesse Watters, Fox News

The GOP’s Ministry of Propaganda (aka Fox News) is playing its part in this melodrama. Their entire schedule is jampacked with ultra-partisan rhetoric in support of Republican candidates, and flagrantly false assaults on Democrats. The network is a non-stop dispensary of despicable diatribes that go way beyond traditional political banter, into the realm of purposeful and perverse cruelty as they aspire to foment fear.

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High on the list of disinformation propagation is Jesse Watters, co-host of Fox’s “The Five.” On Tuesday’s episode Watters sought to prop up the failing GOP candidate for Senate in Pennsylvania, Dr. Mehmet Oz. Naturally, his spiel leaned more heavily on attacking Democrat John Fetterman than on praising Oz. That’s probably because even Fox News flacks can’t find much good to say about Oz, a phony from New Jersey who pitches fake medicine and kills dogs. Watters raged that…

“Oz was down nine points a month ago and now he’s cut the lead in half and is just down four. And if Dr. Oz doesn’t beat Fetterman he won’t be able to show his face around town, because Fetterman is pathetic. This is guy who mooched off his parents until he was fifty; dresses worse than a wrestling coach; can’t talk because he just had a stroke. And his policies are even worse than his appearance. He wants to ban oil and gas, release 2nd degree murderers from prison, and he is for castrating kindergartners. Plus, he’s a liar.

The first item of note in that oratorical mess is that Watters is boasting that Oz is still losing despite having spent millions of dollars on his campaign. It’s also notable that Watters is warning Oz not to “show his face around town” if he does lose. Which shouldn’t be a problem because he’ll most likely be back at his mansion in Jersey.

Watters then rattles off some personal insults about Fetterman’s appearance, along with some lies about his policies. This coming from a sleazeball who had an affair with a much younger Fox News underling, then left his wife and children to marry her. And he caps it off with the zinger that Fetterman “is for castrating kindergartners.”

You have to be pretty deep in the woods of desperation to invent bizarre and depraved put downs like that, that have no basis whatsoever in reality. But that’s where the Republican Party is today. The are taking their cues from Donald Trump, an emotionally stunted basket case who can’t communicate above the level of a slow five year old.

It must be awfully painful to Watters (and Trump and Fox News) that Oz is still losing to someone that they are maligning as cognitively challenged due to a stroke. Just as it was devastating to Trump et al when he lost to President Biden, whose mental health they similarly lied about. But for some reason they have no problem with abortion financier, Herschel Walker. In fact, they regard his suffering multiple concussions as an asset. It’s just too bad that these washouts won’t keep their promises to go away after they lose.

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