Fox News Hack FREAKS OUT Over President Biden Eating Ice Cream at a Campaign Stop

There is nothing Fox News likes better than inventing pseudo-scandals to malign President Biden and other Democrats. That’s mainly because they can’t find any actual scandals to pin on Biden and company. As a result we are subjected to feigned outrage over obvious contrivances such as Hunter Biden’s laptop, or gay Legos, or armed IRS Agents hunting down middle-class families.

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Jesse Watters, Fox News

On Monday evening’s episode of the Jesse Watters program on Fox News, the dumbest man on TV pontificated profusely on what may be the most heinous offence ever committed by an American president. Joe Biden actually had the audacity to take a few minutes out of his day, while campaigning on behalf of Democrats in Oregon, to visit a local ice cream parlor for a sweet treat. And who better than Jesse Watters to expose Biden’s ill manners?

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While on the campaign trail, reporters asked Biden to address the inflation that the U.S. – and every other country in the world – is enduring. Biden gave a sound and succinct reply – something that Donald Trump and Republicans are incapable of – then resumed enjoying his tasty dessert. And that heinous act of barbarism triggered a rather bizarre response from Watters:

Biden: Our economy is strong as hell – the internals of it. Inflation is worldwide. It’s worse off everywhere else than it is in the United States.
Watters: A man should never lick an ice cream cone in public. A man can only eat ice cream on vacation. I guess Biden’s always on vacation, so it makes sense. But if a man needs to eat ice cream in public, he should scoop it out of a bowl with a spoon.

“The President of the United States licking things, especially ice cream, is childish. It’s frivolous and it’s too casual a look for the country. Biden’s brain freeze will live in infamy. Just like Bush gave up golf after 9/11, Biden should give up ice cream after the recession. You’re not at a birthday party, Joe.

First of all, Biden is correct. The efforts by Republicans and Fox News to blame Biden for what is a worldwide economic problem is deliberately dishonest. They cannot, of course, rationally blame Biden for the inflation in France or Japan. But they persist in false accusations that something Biden did produced the inflation in the U.S. Although they can’t specify what he is supposed to have done. In reality, he’s done quite a lot that is beneficial to the majority of the country.

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However, Watters didn’t linger on the question about the economy, which does have some significance to most Americans. Nope. He dived immediately into the reprehensible ice cream atrocity by Biden. And Watters labored mightily to nail what was so hideous about it. After all, everyone knows that “a man should never lick an ice cream cone in public.” And that “a man can only eat ice cream on vacation.” And even then he must “scoop it out of a bowl with a spoon.” Otherwise, he is being “childish,” “frivolous,” and “too casual.”

How can President Biden hope to relate to average Americans when he so brazenly breaches the behavioral standards that are core to the American character? What other political figure would ever do such a thing? And who can blame Fox News for featuring this depravity, which they have done before? Well, there is this…

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