Stephen Colbert Takes Dr. Fauci to Get His COVID Booster Shot – Or Per Fox News: Govt Propaganda

Whether or not COVID-19 is still technically a pandemic, rather than just an endemic virus such as the flu, is an open and debatable question. What is not open for debate is the fact that the virus is still with us and is still infecting tens of thousands – and killing hundreds – of Americans everyday.

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This month a new vaccine became available that adds explicit protection from the most prominent new variants of the coronavirus. The vaccines effectiveness in preventing serious illness or death is well documented. And studies show that hundreds of thousands of fatalities can be avoided if people get vaccinated. CNN is reporting that “A new analysis suggests that if more people in the United States get their booster by the end of the year, about 90,000 Covid-19 deaths could be prevented this fall and winter.”

To that end, Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared on “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert to discuss the benefits of the vaccine and promote its uptake. But he was surprised when Colbert invited him to go down the street and get himself vaccinated, as he had just become eligible. Watch as Colbert accompanies Dr. Fauci to his local pharmacy for some late night healthcare…

While Colbert is keeping his audience entertained and informed about critical health matters, Fox News is continuing their campaign to keep their viewers uninformed, and even worse, misinformed. Their report on Colbert’s trip with Dr. Fauci to get vaccinated was covered in a segment they framed as “Colbert Still Dishing Out Govt Propaganda.”

The gist of Fox’s message was that vaccines are unnecessary, possibly a hoax, and probably harmful. They are, once again, putting the lives of their own viewers at risk. Seniors are the group most vulnerable to sever symptoms and consequences from COVID. And the median age of Fox News viewers is 68.

The effect that Fox News has on their audience is measurable in grief. Studies show that “counties with a Republican majority had a greater share of Covid deaths through October 2021, relative to majority-Democratic counties,” and that “vaccine hesitancy among Republicans may be the biggest culprit.”

The callous and self-serving irresponsibility of how Fox News is deceiving people about the pandemic for purely political purposes is reprehensible. And they don’t seem to be the least bit concerned that the people that they hurting most are their own viewers. To Fox News, disseminating propaganda that advances their ultra-rightist views is more important than human lives. And yet, it’s Fox who accuse Colbert of “Dishing Out Govt Propaganda,” that is actually honest information that could save lives. Now, if only their were a vaccine for Fox News.

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