Stable Genius? Trump Maniacally Attacks the Judge Presiding Over His Fraud Trial in New York

The trial of Donald Trump and his crime family in New York for fraudulent business practices has revealed a a great deal about Trump and his deteriorating temperament. From the day the lawsuit was announced, rather than making a rational case for his innocence, Trump responded by throwing tantrums aimed at NY Attorney General Letitia James, who he maligned as corrupt and, oddly, racist (James is Black). And does anyone know why he calls her “Peekaboo”?

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Donald Trump, Insane, Straight Jacket

Prior to the commencement of the trial, Trump was deposed by James, which gave him an opportunity to state for the record that he was not guilty. Instead, Trump pleaded the Fifth Amendment – more than 400 times. This from someone who previously insisted that only the guilty and mobsters take the Fifth.

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The trial began on Monday with jury selection, which Trump has already challenged. He filed a motion seeking to dismiss all eighteen members of the jury because one member of the jury pool – who wasn’t selected – said that she was biased. Trump’s motion was denied.

On Thursday Trump demonstrated some of that “stable genius” mentality that he is known for, at least in his own warped mind. On his floundering social media scam, Truth Social, Trump lashed out at the judge who is presiding over the case. Trump raged that…

“The only person who may be worse than weak on violent crime A.G. Letitia “Peekaboo” James, is the Judge we have on her ridiculous & highly partisan case against me & my family. His name is Arthur Engoron, & he is a vicious, biased, and mean “rubber stamp” for the Communist takeover of the great & prosperous American company that I have built over a long period of years. He was appointed by my worst enemies. Case was to go to a new Judge, but he demands to keep it. I have no jury or Civil Rights!”

Trump , of course, is known for his feverish hyperbole and rancid outbursts. But he truly exceeded his reputation with this comment. Trump’s attorneys may be uncomfortable with him insulting the judge so savagely. That isn’t likely to endear them, or him, to the court. And the accusations that the judge is not only “vicious, biased, and mean,” but also a communist, can only be seen as an attempt to later plead insanity.

Trump’s complaint that he has “no jury or Civil Rights” is plainly nonsense. He contradicted himself with his motion to dismiss the jury that he now says he doesn’t have. And he didn’t bother to state which civil right he was denied. Perhaps he’s referring to the Justice Department’s informal practice (not a civil right) of not prosecuting cases near an election. He posted a second assault on the court on that subject…

“In breaking with a long standing and powerful tradition where cases involving politicos are not to be brought or tried just prior to, or during, a major Election (the Midterms), I have THREE, all run and inspired by Democrats, who absolutely refused to move the date. They demand it be now. So much for tradition and unwritten rules and laws!!!”

At least Trump acknowledges that these rules (which should be revoked) are unwritten. Actually, they are written, but they are not law. What he doesn’t acknowledge is that there isn’t any election in progress wherein he is a candidate. So the rules would not apply to him at this time. He’s also displaying his blatant hypocrisy, because he has been calling for the prosecution of everyone from President Biden to Hillary Clinton to Merrick Garland, and more, all during the same election cycle.

Trump’s hostility toward this judge, the AG, and every civic institution that represents America, is once again evident in his tirades. He remains the most whiny, paranoid, crybaby of victimhood in public life. And somehow his glassy-eyed cult followers regard him as a man of strength, when he couldn’t possibly be more pathetic, frightened, and, ultimately, impotent.

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