Newt Gingrich on Fox News: Vote For Herschel Walker, a Christian Zealot Who’s Had Many Concussions

With five weeks left until the 2022 midterm election, Republicans are turning up the heat on their repugnant campaign rhetoric. They know they are burdened with a roster of embarrassing candidates who represent the fringiest wing of the Trump GOP. And yet, they are standing behind them because they have a complete dearth of principles in their quest for power.

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Newt Gingrich, Donald Trump

Topping the list of wingnuts is the GOP’s candidate for Senate in Georgia, Herschel Walker. From the start of his campaign he has proved to be utterly incapable of articulating a coherent policy. Even worse, he has been brazenly dishonest about his past. He’s lied about his education, his work with law enforcement, and his family. The only thing he’s gotten right is that he used to play football. Which is not a relevant skill in preparation for a seat in the Senate.

Walker’s response to the many scandals that have erupted in his campaign usually hinges on his devotion to his faith. It’s an argument that he somehow thinks absolves him of any responsibility for his adultery, his threatening to kill his wife and kids, his absentee fatherhood of four children with four different women, and his shameless lying about all of that and more.

On Tuesday’s episode of Sean Hannity’s program on Fox News, Newt Gingrich was invited to make excuses for Walker’s wrongdoings. And it was just the sort of spectacular mess that Gingrich is known for.

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Gingrich told Hannity that…

“I’ve known Herschel a good while. I have known Herschel well. I think he’s a remarkable person. I think he’s the most important Senate candidate in the country because he will do more to change the Senate just by the sheer presence, by his confidence, by his deep commitment to Christ. You know he’s been through a long tough period. He had a lot of concussions coming out of football. He suffered PTSD.”.

Really? That’s rather bizarre endorsement. Gingrich is beseeching Fox News viewers to vote for Walker because he’s allegedly a devout Christian who has suffered numerous brain injuries. The latter may actually explain how Walker can claim to be so pious despite having a past filled with unrepentant sin.

What’s more, if it’s faith in Christ that Fox News viewers are looking for, Walker’s Democratic opponent, Raphael Warnock, is actually a Christian pastor. Although, unlike Walker, he doesn’t wear his faith as a shield for wrongdoing. Nor does he impose it on anyone else. Nor does he exploit it in political ads like Walker is doing…

Walker does, however, meet the criteria for Republican politicians in the era of Donald Trump. Both have abused women. Both have embellished their resumes. Both exploit religion for votes. Both have obvious mental deficiencies. And both have no problem lying about everything.

No wonder Gingrich considers Walker and Trump to be the most important candidates in the country. And he will likely get some agreement from the Fox News audience he’s preaching to. But hopefully the broader American electorate will see though this nonsense and elect people whose qualifications aren’t limited to Christ and concussions. The last thing American needs is a pseudo-messiah leading a deranged cult.

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