Thank Gawd! Trump is ‘Happy’ and ‘Content’ Because ‘YOUR’ Country is Doing So Well

If there is one thing that the American people have anxiously been waiting to establish on this Easter/Passover weekend, it’s whether or not Donald Trump is happy and content. And now we have conclusive confirmation of the President’s emotional satisfaction despite his ever increasing legal and political jeopardy.

Donald Trump Climate Change

It’s been less than a week since the release of the heavily edited version of the report from special counsel Robert Mueller by Trump’s obedient lackey in the Justice Department, Attorney General William Barr. Even with the numerous redactions, the report is a damning condemnation of Trump’s criminality and rampant dishonesty. But if you were wondering whether any of that reality has been a drag on his mood, fear not:

Well, that’s a relief. Trump is gleefully pursuing his duties (primarily golfing and watching Fox News) in the wake of news that affirms his campaign and presidency were riddled with corruption and collusion with Russia. And the reason he cites for his cheerfulness is that “your” country is doing so well. Notice that he doesn’t seem to consider it his country. But nevertheless, have a great day.

And why not? It’s a day when (according to Trump) 138 million people were massacred by terrorism in Sri Lanka. It’s a day when Trump was exalted in an op-ed in the New York Times that demanded an apology from the media and Democrats. Never mind that the op-ed is three days old, was written by a MAGA cultist, ignores all evidence of the crimes and lies in Mueller report, and that there are lots of conservative op-eds in Times.

What’s more, it’s a day when Trump continues to whine relentlessly about “Trump Haters and Angry Democrats,” and the Mueller report that he said “totally exonerated” him. But now he calls it a “hit job” and complains that it’s the “other side” who are the criminals, and that he was the subject of imaginary spying.

If that doesn’t sound like someone who is happy and content, then you don’t know Donald Trump. He apparently enjoys being consumed by seething outrage at his perceived enemies and wallowing in anger and self-pity. It’s pretty much all he does these days. And fortunately for him, with all of the bad news still to come, he’ll have plenty of opportunity to bask in his revelatory recreation and pretend that it makes him all tingly inside.

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One thought on “Thank Gawd! Trump is ‘Happy’ and ‘Content’ Because ‘YOUR’ Country is Doing So Well

  1. WOW, is dump FULL of s*it. Yet, his dump a*s supporters WILL buy it, believe because they just don’t know or care, that the country is NOT doing well at all. Unless you are very, very, very rich and white. Something MOST of his supporters are NOT. (rich, that is.) God almighty.

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