The Cult of Trump: A Majority of Republicans Prefer Trump Over Abraham Lincoln

For the past three years Donald Trump has presided over a bizarre movement that is unprecedented in American politics. While there have been a few presidents who have attracted strong and loyal followings, there has never been anything remotely similar to the worshipful devotion of Trump’s Deplorables.

Donald Trump Messiah

There is only one way to describe the pious assemblage of Trump supporters: IT’S A CULT! It is a small group of idolaters who see only virtue in a man whose base immorality could not possibly be more evident. He is known for serial infidelity, including an affair with a porn star while his third wife and newborn were at home. His penchant for lying has produced documentation of more than 13,000 false or misleading statements since taking office. He employs rhetoric that is rife with hostility, bigotry, and infantile insults. He wallows in undeserved pridefulness, turning every public comment into self-exaltation and taking credit for achievements he had no part in, or that don’t even exist.

Nevertheless, his believers remain convinced that he speaks only the truth and that, to them, his brutish bullying is a testament to strength. No matter what he does or says, they view him with a glowing halo hovering above his head. They live in a world of deception and willful obedience to a false god. Trump has even referred to himself as “The Chosen One.”

In light of that, it is disturbing that a new poll (posted below) finds that a majority of Republicans (53%) say that Trump is a better president than Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln, of course, was the president who faced down the slave-owning states of the South as they sought to preserve their culture of human bondage by seceding from the union. He was also the first Republican to be elected president. His accomplishments have made him an icon of American politics.

Meanwhile, Trump has tried (and failed) to build a border wall, caged immigrant babies, exploded the national debt, freed corporations to pollute, conspired with foreign tyrants against the U.S., and maligned the free press as “the enemy of the people.” Trump has distinguished himself as the most unpopular president in history, never registering 50% favorability. And yet his fellow Republicans continue to see him as a king, or a god, whos is all-knowing and infallible.

This delusional mindset among Republicans exceeds mere political partisanship. When Republicans sought to impeach Bill Clinton for extramarital sex, many Democrats condemned his behavior and even voted to censure him. But there is no such open-mindedness among today’s GOP. They march in lock-step reverence for their Dear Leader. Another recent poll found that 57% of those opposed to impeaching Trump say that no new evidence would change their minds. Last month a poll revealed that a majority (55%) of Republicans for whom Fox News is their primary news source say there is nothing Trump could do to lose their approval. If this isn’t a cult, then nothing is.

As for Trump, he is as convinced of his sainthood as his disciples. He frequently posts tweets that celebrate his standing among Republicans. And while it is undoubtedly high, it isn’t nearly the 95% that he repeatedly claims. It’s hard to tell if Trump is propagating falsehoods about his party popularity, or if he actually believes his own PR. Either way, it’s poisoning the public pool of knowledge with flagrant lies. And it is surely keeping his followers in line as they bow down to what they perceive as his holiness.

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7 thoughts on “The Cult of Trump: A Majority of Republicans Prefer Trump Over Abraham Lincoln

  1. This just goes to show that the ideologue and mentality of Republicans as a whole, no longer fits into the aspiration, moral fiber and Constitution of America…it has vanished from the GOP…

  2. Well, the majority are un-American a*swipes then, EXACTLY like their lord, savior and master, dump is.

  3. I think it’s because he’s the Great Emancipator of white supremacists.

  4. Wait until the evil Trumpenstein is no longer in office. Just give it some time. The dotard45 is one of the laziest occupants of the White House, ever. All he is is the ranter-in-chief. Just give it some time.

  5. Over 50% of R’s state there is nothing Trump could do that would change their opinion/support of him? Really! And here I thought most R’s consider themselves to be good Christian type folks. (There are some Christians who are NOT R’s, for the record; I’m 1 of ’em.)
    To say he can do nothing to change their mind & support for him, is to give him “God status”. He is NOT God! In fact, not even God-like, in any way, shape, or form!
    To those who claim to be Christians I say, “Shame on you!” You know better than to worship anyone but the 1 true God! You cannot worship 2. So, if you feel the same as over 50% of R’s polled, then:
    A.) You are not a true Christian if you worship any other, AS IF they’re God;
    B.) You are being brainwashed &/or just stupid!
    Plz… Rethink your position, or kindly stop making all Christians look bad by your cult-like worshipping of Trump. In any case, read Book of Revelation again & pray the Truth be revealed to you as you read. You should read things you can recognize as what’s happening here. You must choose only 1 to worship “above all”.
    Also… Commandments #1&2 make it clear what God’s Position is on worship of another.
    Plus, Trump lies, cheats & steals w/o even hesitating! Adulterous? Oh my, yes! (While wife is home with their brand new baby, in fact.) Remove your blinders & see the truth for what it is.
    I may not care what Trump’s cult following thinks, but for 2 things:
    1.) Over 50% are the ones who can pressure their Reps in Senate to do the right thing & “Impeach” (ITMFA);
    2.) Their votes can destroy what’s left of our Democracy & doom all of us not (m)(b)illionaires right along with them, to 4 more yrs that we’ll never recover from!
    God has His Way to weed-out phonies & this could be that; but we all will suffer greatly, as will the world, if this lying, egomaniacal P.O.S. is re-elected!
    I/we can’t go down without a fight!

  6. The fascist right wing cult needs to be educated, for their own good and that of the country.

    Fox has gotten those dummies to oppose the majority of americans, while liking dictators.
    Its pathetic.

  7. It’s a NAZI Cult!
    America is somewhere between
    the Reichstag fire and Kristallnacht.

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