Fox Nation’s Extra Special Stupidest Lies About Obama In 2011

In compiling another retrospective of the soon to be completed year, I thought I would present a list of all of the lies featured by the folks at Fox News for 2011. Turns out that there isn’t enough bandwidth on the Internet for that. So I sought to narrow down the list by only including the lies that appeared on Fox Nation, the Fox News web site and community of glassy-eyed disciples. That was still too voluminous. So I filtered it even further by selecting just the lies that appeared on Fox Nation that concerned President Obama. That didn’t narrow it down much further. Finally I chose to feature only the lies that appeared on Fox Nation, concerned President Obama, and were really, really stupid. Since that was a more subjective criteria I was able to shorten the list to a manageable and entertaining length. So without further ado here are…..

Fox Nation’s Stupidest Lies About Obama In 2011

Fox Nation - MarxistCollege Mate: Obama Was an ‘Ardent’ ‘Marxist-Leninist’
In this article the Fox Nationalists rely on the testimony of one person who now admits that he was never a “college mate” of the president. It is a wholly uncorroborated account that smears Obama as a Marxist despite the contrary accounts of virtually everyone else that knew him, including those cited by the article’s dubious source.

Fox Nation - Christmas Tree TaxObama’s New ‘Christmas Tree Tax’
This was not actually a tax at all, and wasn’t proposed by Obama. It was a fee requested by the National Christmas Tree Association during the Bush administration, passed by a Republican controlled Senate and House, and was co-sponsored by John Boehner.

Fox Nation - OhioUgly For Obama In Ohio
To support this declaration, Fox Nation referenced a poll by Quinnipiac University that shows Obama out-polling every leading Republican challenger at the time. Obama beat Cain 47–39, Romney 45–41, and Perry 47–36. I can see why Fox thinks that’s ugly. Apparently they also thought no one would click through to read the actual poll.

Fox Nation - StocksStocks Tumble Worldwide After Obama Speech
Despite the deceptive headline, the article states that it is actually the “speculation congress won’t pass” the President’s proposals that contributed to the market decline. In other words, the markets favored Obama’s plan but declined due to the obstruction of the GOP Congress. And it even said just that in the text below the photo.

Fox Nation - UnpopularNYT Poll: Obama More Unpopular Than Tea Party
In truth the New York Times poll reported just the opposite – that Obama was viewed favorably by 48% with the Tea Party at only 20%. What’s more, Obama was viewed favorably by slightly more people than viewed him unfavorably, while the Tea Party was viewed unfavorably by twice as many people as view it favorably.

Fox Nation - Palin Bus TourObama Copies Palin, Plans Bus Tour
In their own photo accompanying the article about how Obama allegedly stole the idea for a bus tour from Sarah Palin (as if she were the first), there is an “Obama 08” poster in the window of Obama’s bus proving that he was doing bus tours long before Palin’s 2011 excursion. Did I mention that this was their own photo?

Fox Nation - White WomenAP: Obama Has A Big Problem With White Women
Here we have the Fox Nationalists attributing a repulsively racist headline to the Associated Press However, the AP’s actual headline was: “Economic worries pose new snags for Obama.” And the article’s focus was also on polling concerning economic issues like jobs, housing, and gas prices. So Fox had to purposefully stretch the story to fit their predetermined racist theme.

There was so much more dishonesty and deception disseminated by Fox News this year that it could not possibly be recounted in full. But these are some of the most egregiously idiotic. Sometimes Fox spends considerable energy and effort to construct their falsehoods. They hire specialists like Frank Luntz and partisans like Karl Rove to deliberately mislead their naive viewers. But these examples show that at other times they don’t even seem to be trying. Their own texts and images expose their deceit. Lucky for them their audience is too dumb and too deluded to detect the vast quantities of bullshit that Fox passes off as news.


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  1. Fox Nation headlines are so pathetic they remind me of the things we read in tabloid headlines such as-New Jersey Woman Has Martian Baby. There is the same amount of truth in them. As Stephen Colbert said, “reality is liberally biased”. It will be interesting to see what bullshit they come up with in 2012.

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