I Alone Can ‘Fix’ It? Trump Claims for Himself the Exclusive ‘Right to Destroy’ America

Throughout his single term as “president,” and his subsequent habitation of loserville, Donald Trump has demonstrated an impressive ability to make a total and complete arse of himself. Some of the highlights include his belief that stealth fighters are actually invisible, his claims that windmills cause cancer, his proposal to nuke hurricanes, his praise for how George Washington’s Army took over airports, and his advocacy of injecting bleach to cure COVID.

Donald Trump

It may be going too far to suggest that his latest hysterical outburst surpasses any of those beauties, but it is at least in the same league. At his recent cult rally and coronavirus super-spreader in Phoenix, Arizona, Trump told his enrapt disciples that…

“Our country is being destroyed by people who have no right to destroy it. People that won an election illegally, people that should not have been elected. They lost in a landslide.”

Let’s begin at the end of that vacuous verbosity. The only one who lost in a landslide was Trump himself. And despite months of hyperventilating, he still hasn’t presented a shred of evidence of any “illegal” election activity. He’s been peddling his inflammatory “Big Lie” rhetoric months without any concern for the violence that it has caused and will likely cause in the future.

However, what truly deserves recognition for downright idiocy is Trump’s assertion that the people who he, in his egomaniacal delirium, alleges are destroying the country have “no right” to do so. That implies that there are people who do have that right. And of course, in his cartoon brain, that means him. To his credit, he already made a pretty good attempt at it.

This must be what Trump meant when he insisted that “I alone can fix it.” Although he was using the word “fix” in the way a mobster would with regard to a boxing match wherein he wanted to insure that the fighter he was betting on would win. It was revealing phrasing that is now the title of an anti-Trump book by Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker of the Washington Post. Rucker appeared on Face the Nation Sunday to disclose just how close Trump came to his aspirations of destroying the country:

“It wasn’t until Trump left office that…we learned how much worse it really was. How close the country came to the brink, not only of chaos but of democracy falling.”

In addition to the above, Trump dropped a few other Loony Tunes this week. For instance, he still thinks that he can be returned to his throne this year:

“The Radical Left Democrat Communist Party rigged and stole the 2020 election. The time to act is not in 2022, or in 2024, the time is right now here in Arizona. We don’t have the luxury to sit back and wait for the next election”

He learned a new word (routers), but not the definition:

“The county has, for whatever reason, also refused to produce the network routers. We want the routers, Sonny, Wendy, we got to get those routers, please. The routers. Come on, Kelly, we can get those routers. Those routers. You know what? We’re so beyond the routers, there’s so many fraudulent votes without the routers. But if you got those routers, what that will show, and they don’t want to give up the routers. They don’t want to give them. They are fighting like hell. Why are these commissioners fighting not to give the routers?”

And he’s repeating an old word that isn’t exactly family-friendly at his cult rally where children (and childish adults) are in attendance:

“Democrats don’t want you talking about the election because they say, ‘Holy sh*t! They caught us!'”

Never mind that no Democrat has ever said or even thought that about the election. Also, Trump called the New Green Deal, “New Green Bullsh*t.” He’s so presidenty.

These are just a sampling of the peculiar lunacies Trump has laid down and that America has had to tolerate for the past five years. It doesn’t include the far more serious matters, such as violent insurrection and hundreds of thousands of viral fatalities. And the ordeal is still not over.

As long as Trump and his confederates have not been brought to justice, the nation will continue to suffer. Even after Trump has left the scene, his successors will take over where he left off unless the rule of law is restored. And it’s up to the American people to demand it.

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The Pandemic of the Unvaccinated? No! It’s the Pandemic of the Fox News Infected

The past few weeks has seen a disturbing resurgence of the coronavirus. After appearing to have come under control due to the Biden administration’s success in making the vaccines widely available, the number of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, are once again on the rise. And the cause of that is plainly attributable to the holdouts who are either reluctant or opposed to getting vaccinated.

Fox News, Covid

The data is clear that the increased viral activity is a preventable phenomenon that the CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky, has tagged as the pandemic of the unvaccinated.” Drilling deeper into the data reveals that the new COVID-19 hot zones are predominantly located in red states or Republican dominated areas.

However, even that doesn’t tell the whole story. The vaccine-averse are digging in even as the Delta variant, the most contagious yet, has become dominant. According to research conducted by an Axios/Ipsos tracking poll, Fox News viewers are significantly trailing viewers of other media in getting vaccinated:

“According to the combined sample, 62% of adults who use Fox News as their main news source have received at least one dose of the vaccine. That’s not nothing, but it’s still relatively low.” […]

“The people who get their news from CNN or MSNBC, for example, had a vaccination rate of 83% in the same polling. Likewise, 79% of adults who rely on network news have had at least one dose of a vaccine. About three-quarters (74%) who get their news from public television or radio were at least partially vaccinated.”

So the percentage of Fox News viewers that have been vaccinated is 21 points lower than viewers of CNN or MSNBC, and 17 points lower than those who get their news from the broadcast networks. While that is a troubling set of statistics, it isn’t especially surprising. After all, Fox News has been telling their audience for months that COVID is either a hoax or a flu. Even worse, Fox has warned that the vaccines have dangerous, even deadly side effects, or that they contain microchips or are otherwise key to a clandestine plot to control the population.

Fox fear monger Tucker Carlson recently warned his viewers that vaccines don’t work and “they” aren’t telling you. Just this week Fox’s Sean Hannity appeared to briefly concede that the vaccine was beneficial and should be taken. But the following day he reversed himself and told his audience not take his advice anyway because he’s not a doctor. As for Donald Trump, he gave his disciples at his latest cult rally a decidedly mixed message:

“How about the vaccine? I came up with the vaccine. They said it would take three to five years. Gonna save the world. I recommend you take it, but I also believe in your freedoms 100%.”

First of all, Trump asserting that “I came up with the vaccine.” may be one of the most thoroughly demented things he’s said since his proposal to inject Clorox as a virus treatment. More to the point, though, Trump isn’t going to persuade his flock to get the shot if he immediately qualifies his rather weak recommendation with a suggestion that their “freedoms” rest on not getting it.

The result of this leads to the conclusion that a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” is not the best description of our current state of affairs. This is more accurately described as a “pandemic of the Fox News infected.” Whether or not someone watches Fox News may be the best indicator of their vaccination status, or their likelihood of getting vaccinated in the future. Consequently, for the safety of everyone else, it might be best to avoid any contact with Fox News viewers. They are the ones most likely to be infected and transmitting the virus. Stay safe America.

UPDATE: It’s getting much worse. The red/blue vaccination divide was about two points in April. Now it’s six times greater:

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Donald Trump is ‘An American War Criminal in His Own Country’ ~ Carl Bernstein

For the past six months Donald Trump has persisted with his reckless and inflammatory “Big Lie” rhetoric that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged” and “stolen” from him. That egomaniacal blather led directly to the January 6th insurrection in Washington, D.C. And it continues to this day with Trump’s most recent cult rally in Phoenix, Arizona, where he spent nearly all of his 90+ minutes ranting about the last election.

Donald Trump, QAnon, Dictator

However, Trump’s phony election fraud fetish only scratches the surface of his danger and dementia. On Sunday’s Reliable Sources on CNN, famed Watergate reporter, Carl Bernstein, delivered a convincing argument for changing the context with which we view Trump. His self-serving distortions of reality are not merely examples of his narcissistic thirst for adoration and power. They represent a much more serious breach of societal norms and international law. Bernstein began by noting that “What we’re talking about is a kind of delusional madness.” Then he elaborated saying that…

“I think when we’re talking about Trump’s crimes as an American war criminal in his own country, that he has perpetrated upon our people, including the tens of thousands who died because of his homicidal negligence in the pandemic, putting his own electoral interests above the health of our people as they were slaughtered in this pandemic.

“Looking at his actions in terms of fomenting a coup to hold on to office, in which the head of the American military, the Joint Chiefs of Staff [Gen. Mark Milley], has now compared Trump – not the press, not reporters comparing Trump to Hitler – but rather the head of the American military, comparing him and his movement to Brownshirts, to the Reichstag fire. This is a huge wake up call to this country.”

Bernstein is articulating what many Americans have already been thinking for months (years?). And he is providing just the right evidence to support his opinion. Trump has brazenly placed his own interests above those of the nation. He has gone to extreme lengths to persuade his dimwitted cult disciples that his goals are the same as theirs. And he has grievously harmed millions by doing so. This same point was made by historian Steven Beschloss, who tweeted that…

“We are living in a country in which tens of millions are continuing participants in a death cult committed to a sociopathic conman and criminal who occupied the White House to enrich himself and feed his broken ego.”

While Trump is certainly guilty of forming and encouraging that “death cult,” the liability of the conservative, Trump-fluffing media cannot be ignored. First, and still foremost, is Fox News, where Trump’s lies are not just tolerated, they are supported by a roster of anchors, contributors, and guests, who are almost uniformly devotees of the Cult of Trump. They believe the coronavirus was a hoax created to hurt Trump. They believe that President Biden is a communist. They believe that Trump won the election. In short, they are hopelessly bonkers. And they are spreading that sickness to their viewers.

It is crucial that the nation recognize just how detrimental Trump has been to America, and will continue to be if the American people don’t hold him accountable. That means our legal institutions need to step up and charge him for the crimes he’s committed. Unless they do it will just be setting the precedented for the next aspiring dictator to take over where Trump left off. Bernstein and Beschloss are saying exactly the right things. But if we do nothing in response, the American experiment will end in failure.

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Corona in Arizona: Trump Shill Promotes His Latest Super Spreader Rally as Virus Surges

Donald Trump will be delivering another of his cult rally rants on Saturday in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s actually just the same speech he has been giving all along – he won the 2020 election, Democrats are communists, Trump is the Messiah, etc. How anyone can listen to him more than once or twice is a mystery. His repetitive tirades are tedious in the extreme. Only a true disciple could tolerate it.

Donald Trump Rally, Sieg Heil

However, there is a profound difference in the scheduling of this particular rally, at this time, in this place. Not that Trump cares, but there happens to be a deadly pandemic in progress. And it is currently spiking significantly in Arizona. According to the Arizona Department of Health, the number of cases on July 23 (1,528) has more than quadrupled since July 17 (364), a week ago. The number of deaths has doubled so far, but fatalities always lag infections.

In this environment Trump is gathering his flock of mostly unvaccinated sheeple to a stadium where they will congregate indoors for hours without masks while the most infectious version of the coronavirus to date is running rampant. This is a COVID friendly affair that will likely produce hundreds of new cases, hospitalizations, and fatalities.

Nevertheless, Trump has been promoting the rally with the help of his spokeswoman, Liz Harrington. Harrington regularly tweets Trump’s “statements” that have taken the the place of his Twitter babbling since he was banned “due to the risk of further incitement of violence.” And he needs all the help he can get since his cult rallies are now only carried by cheesy, wingnut, wannabe networks like Newsmax and OAN:

It should not go without notice that Harrington’s postings are blatant violations of Twitter’s terms of service that prohibit attempts to circumvent a suspension. (more on that here). She has posted Trump’s pseudo-tweets at least 60 times in just the past three weeks. Harrington’s account should be reported and suspended for her repeated breach of Twitter rules.

In addition to the public health hazard that this pandemic party represents, the location was surely chosen in part because it is where crackpot conspiracy driven Republicans are conducting a fraudulent audit (aka fraudit) in order to “prove” that Trump scored a historic – albeit delusional – victory.

That effort, though, is going so badly that the Cyber Ninjas performing the fraudit just blocked the Arizona Senate’s GOP audit liaison from entering the site because he disclosed that there have been no discrepancies or irregularities found. That, of course, would contradict the lies that the Ninjas plan to tell whenever they finally complete their sham audit. But then, what’s another flurry of falsehoods after the tsunami of lies that have already blown through?

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Tucker Carlson Throws Butt-Hurt Tantrum Because Eric Swalwell Won’t Return His Call

It has been a busy summer for the Fox News Senior White Nationalist, Tucker Carlson. In just the past few weeks Carlson has humiliated himself by making preposterous claims like his paranoid delusion that the NSA is spying on him. And he went on an extended rant smearing a Capitol Police officer who heroically defended the people and the institution from rioters incited by Donald Trump and his “Big Lie” bullpucky that the 2020 presidential election was “stolen” from him. And so much more.

Fox News, Tucker Carlson, Bullshit Factory

Now Carlson, of the perpetually furrowed brow and dumbstruck gaze, is exceeding the worst of his already repugnant resume. On Wednesday Carlson sought to malign Rep. Eric Swalwell in an unhinged tirade that was littered with flagrant falsehoods and purposeful character assassination. In that segment Carlson asserted financial improprieties for which he offered zero evidence. In fact, everything that Carlson cited as improper were actually ordinary campaign expenditures and were accounted for in the formal documents filed with the Federal Election Commission, which is where Carlson got the data.

Nevertheless, Carlson wasn’t satisfied with his noxious assault on Swalwell. So he delivered a second installment on Friday that was even worse than the first. It was apparently triggered by a text exchange earlier in the day wherein Swalwell declined Carlson’s request to call him:

Carlson: Eric, it’s Tucker Carlson. Please give me a call on this number.
Swalwell: Tucker, I’m hesitant to do that. You falsely smeared my wife on Tuesday and she’s getting death threats. That’s way out of bounds. She’s a pregnant mom of a 4 year old and a 2 year old. Hit me all you like. But to go after her. That’s just wrong.
Carlson: Coward.

So Carlson’s response to Swalwell’s perfectly understandable – under the circumstances – refusal to talk was met with a personal insult. And an ironic insult at that, considering Carlson’s notorious and slimy reputation for cowardice. Carlson couldn’t muster a compassionate, or even human response to the disturbing news that Swalwell’s wife was getting death threats due to Carlson’s offensive and inflammatory rhetoric. Here is Swalwell’s tweet of the text exchange and Carlson’s BS retaliation:

Later that evening, Carlson spent six and a half minutes of his program spewing nauseating lies about Swalwell. It was obviously a petty and abusive retaliation for Swalwell’s perceived snub. It included a slanderous assertion that Swalwell engaged in a sexual relationship with a Chinese spy. That was a totally unfounded lie that Carlson knew was false. Then Carlson told a series of infantile untruths, asserting that Swalwell was dumb and financially corrupt. Carlson had no proof of any of his asinine allegations.

Finally, Carlson went after Swalwell’s wife again. He claimed that a campaign event held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Half Moon Bay, California, was improper because “Swalwell’s wife is an an executive at the very hotel.” The only problem with that is that she is not an employee of the hotel and has not been for two years. Again, Carlson had to know this. He was informed of it after his prior false claims on the same matter. And you have to wonder if Carlson has any problem with Trump holding numerous “campaign” events at his own hotel and golf properties, enriching himself in the process.

This fixation on misogynistic attacks on women in public life, often the distinguished and accomplished spouses of political men, is routine for Carlson. He recently launched a nasty and personal assault on First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden. Carlson bizarrely implied that Dr. Biden was somehow like Jim Jones, the Christian cult leader who murdered 900 of his disciples with poisoned Kool-Aid. Then he used a vulgar reference to Nazi sex slaves to describer her.

This is just who Tucker Carlson is. This is typical of his loathsome lack of character and decency. And it is exactly what Fox News wants anchoring their primetime lineup. It is precisely the sort of putrid pandering to the worst impulses in morally defective human behavior. Which, considering their audience, may just be good marketing.

While Carlson gets all the credit for his heinousness, Fox News is responsible for embracing it and broadcasting it to the world. Carlson ought to be fired for this and other atrocities that actually cause great harm to America and Americans. After all Fox News argued in court (successfully) that no reasonable person would take anything he says seriously. But the problem with the “reasonable viewer” standard is that it mistakenly assumes that Carlson has any reasonable viewers.

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Cashing In On Corruption? Fox News Gets Slammed on the Air for Their Flagrant Hypocrisy

There is a heaping helping of chutzpah among the propaganda purveyors at Fox News. It isn’t just their shameless propagation of lies and right-wing conspiracy theories. It’s how arrogantly they present the phony tales of Democratic misconduct, while pretending that Trump and his Republican confederates are as pure as the driven snow.

Fox News, Bullshit Factory

On Friday’s episode of The Five on Fox News, co-host Dagen McDowell introduced a segment on the already aging story of Hunter Biden selling his artwork for surprisingly large sums. It’s a subject that they are obsessed with, having covered it just last month with their customary focus on lies, rumors, and baseless innuendo. But apparently that didn’t satisfy the Fivers.

The difference this time was that the panel was joined by Jessica Tarlov, who took exception to the hypocritical harangues of her co-hosts. Tarlov eventually found an opening to say that…

“We cannot have this conversation and completely ignore the fact that Trump children, Ivanka and Jared, according to Citizens for Ethics Investigations, made hundreds of millions of dollars while they were serving in government posts.”

At which point Jesse Watters prepared to make the first of multiple interruptions to prevent Tarlov from finishing her point. But she persisted…

“No Jesse, don’t put your hands up. She got dozens of trademarks, including three preliminary trademarks that she campaigned for at Mar-a -Lago.”

Watching Tarlov so righteously condemn the Trump family for their sleazy self-dealing was a rare spectacle on Fox News. She pointed out that Jared and Ivanka’s misconduct occurred while they held official White House posts. Hunter Biden, on the other hand, is a private citizen with no political sway and is entitled to pursue whatever career he chooses. It was predictable that this sort of honesty on Fox would not be permitted for very long.

As expected, McDowell quickly broke in to say that “We’ve gotta go.” But Tarlov was heated up and unstoppable. She continued while the other co-hosts talked over her, hoping to silence this unauthorized truth-telling. Co-host Katie Pavlich had the audacity to accuse Tarlov of “deflecting” when that’s all that the other co-hosts were doing from the moment she began talking.

In fact, the entire segment was a deflection from the corruption that was rampant in Donald Trump’s administration. Just this week Tom Barrack, a close ally of Trump, who chaired his inauguration committee, was arrested on charges of breaching the Foreign Agents Registration Act. He was indicted for lobbying Trump on behalf of the United Arab Emirates while Trump was running for and serving as president. And there were at least ten other felony indictments of Trump associates during his single term in office.

Fox News has also refused to report on Trump’s brazen profiteering while president, including charging taxpayers for accommodations at his hotels and golf resorts for family, staff, members of Congress, Secret Service, political organizations, and yes, even foreign operatives with business before the U.S. government. And Fox has failed to cover Trump ripping off his donors to line his own pockets.

So despite the fact that Trump has largely abandoned Fox News due to his impression that they haven’t been sufficiently worshipful, Fox continues to purse their lips and kiss his … let’s say ring. Consequently, it will be interesting to see if a disobedient liberal like Tarlov still has a job with Fox tomorrow.

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Sean Hannity of Fox News Admits that ‘I Am Simply Not Qualified’ to Give Expert Advice

In recent weeks the Delta variant of COVID-19 has spread rapidly through communities of unvaccinated Americans. That means, of course, that mostly red state and Republican areas are suffering the worst of the viral spike. Consequently, there has been some significant movement among some conservative politicians and pundits who were previously loathe to make any positive comments about vaccines or the benefits of getting vaccinated.

Fox News, Sean Hannity, Coronavirus

Among those who were praised in the press was Sean Hannity of Fox News. Earlier this week Hannity told his vaccine-hesitant viewers to “Please take COVID seriously. I can’t say it enough. Enough people have died.” It wasn’t actually a call to get vaccinated. It was more like a legal disclaimer to do research and make your own decision. Which is a position that would make Captain Obvious blush as being way too apparent to anyone with a pulse.

Setting aside the undeserved credit Hannity received, he affirmed his stance against the benefits of getting vaccinated in a segment on Thursday night. Hannity delivered an extended refutation of the media reports that he previously might have said something marginally intelligent and responsible about vaccines. He certainly couldn’t let that stand. So he devoted a couple of minutes to denying that he ever did something so ludicrous as to advocate on behalf of preventing people from suffering long and painful illness and death.

The fact that Hannity felt it necessary to make absolutely sure that no one thought he would ever stoop to recommending a life-saving vaccine tells you just how committed he is to perpetuating the pandemic, and how afraid he is of alienating his anti-vax audience. He said that…

“I never told anyone to get a vaccine. I’ve been very clear. I am simply not qualified. I’m not a medical doctor. I know nothing about your medical history or your current medical condition. I think it’s inappropriate for me to do so.”

How thoughtful of Hannity to clear that up. We wouldn’t want anyone to mistakenly believe that he cared about the public welfare. But even more helpful was his admission that “I am simply not qualified.” That’s objectively true. However, it’s an admission that doesn’t apply to just his medical credentials, or lack thereof. Hannity also has no qualifications for any of the subjects he pontificates on nightly. He’s a college dropout who rose through the ranks of radio shock jocks to land a spot on Fox “News.” He isn’t an expert on economics, or the military, or health insurance, or climate science, or government ideology, or education, or immigration, or labor, or last but not least, journalism.

Nevertheless, Hannity gives extraordinarily half-baked (if that) advice on all of those matters. and all of his ill advice comes with blatantly biased, ultra-rightist slants. More often than not his advice consists merely of infantile insults aimed at Democrats, liberals, and other ideological foes.

Regarding his pandemic punditry, Hannity claims to be pro-science. However, he has spent much of the last year insisting that the coronavirus was either a hoax, a glorified flu, or a Democratic plot to hurt Donald Trump – who also lied about the virus being a hoax, a glorified flu, or a Democratic plot. For his trouble, Hannity succeeded in contributing to the pandemic’s death toll. A study last year found that higher rates of coronavirus fatalities could be directly linked to watching Sean Hannity.

What’s more, Hannity’s COVID coverage surely had an impact on his Republican audience. A recent Washington Post/ABC News poll found that “Ninety-three percent of Democrats say they either have been vaccinated or definitely or probably will do so; that plummets to 49% of Republicans.”

So while about half of the Republicans who are likely Fox News viewers remain opposed to getting vaccinated, and thus, susceptible to getting infected, Hannity felt compelled to assure everyone that he isn’t advocating vaccinations for anyone. And that’s based on his being unqualified to have an opinion, which is, in point of fact, an opinion.

But if he’s going to bother bringing up the issue on his program, he surely knows that he could book an actual expert and let that person advocate for getting the shot. However, that would require Hannity caring about people, rather than just image and ratings and Trump love.

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Why Is Fox News Racist Tucker Carlson Smearing a January 6th Capitol Police Hero?

On Wednesday afternoon House Speaker Nancy Pelosi responded appropriately to GOP leader Kevin McCarthy’s transparent attempt to make a mockery of the House Select Committee on the January 6th Insurrection. McCarthy tried to stack the Committee with a pair of fervent foes of democracy, Jim Jordan and Jim Banks. Both of these extremist Republicans are devoted members of the Cult of Trump who support his “Big Lie” that the 2020 presidential election was “stolen” from him. The very lie that Trump used to incite the riots in Washington, D.C. in the first place.

Fox News, Tucker Carlson, QAnon

No rational person could criticize Pelosi’s decision not to seat Jordan and Banks. It would be like seating Harvey Weinstein or Bill Cosby (or Donald Trump) on a committee to probe sexual harassment. But Fox News isn’t known for their rational people or analyses. And that’s especially true with regard to Fox’s Senior White Nationalist, Tucker Carlson, who has been on a tear recently with idiocy like his paranoid delusion that the National Security Agency (NSA) is spying on him. Or his dangerously dishonest claim that health authorities know that vaccines don’t work and they aren’t telling you. Or his baseless accusation that the FBI orchestrated the January 6th insurrection.

Consequently, Carlson immediately launched into a predictable condemnation of Pelosi and the Committee’s effort to get to the truth of what happened on January 6th, why it happened, and what led up to it. In the course of his knee-jerk jabbering he somehow managed to take a detour toward a racist attack on a Capitol Police officer who courageously defended the seat of America’s democracy.

Officer Harry Dunn put his own life at risk to protect members of Congress, their staffs, and the Constitution, whose duties the House was in the progress of undertaking. But Carlson was focused solely on his ultra-partisan obsession with slandering Democrats and any unfortunate who happened to be in line of fire. He said (video below)

“So the Committee will proceed with one party. What will it look like. Well, think MSNBC with subpoena power.

“On Tuesday Pelosi will call a Capitol police officer called Harry Dunn. Dunn will pretend to speak for the country’s law enforcement community. But it turns out Dunn has very little in common with your average cop. Dunn is an angry left-wing political activist whose social media feeds are full of praise, not coincidentally, for Nancy Pelosi. Here’s a picture of the two of them together.

“‘Racism is so American,’ Harry wrote in one post, ‘that when you protest it, people think you are protesting America.’ Hashtag ‘Leave it to whites to tell blacks what is racist,’ hashtag ‘I stand with Ilhan Omar,’ hashtag ‘Squad.’ Harry Dunn, ladies and gentlemen. Just another fact-based witness to the insurrection.”

Where upon Carlson introduced his guest, Jim Jordan. Carlson’s rant presents a dumpster of derp that requires some further exploration. First of all, the Committee will not proceed with one party. Pelosi has already appointed one Republican, Liz Cheney, and there could be more. If Carlson has a problem with the make up of the Committee, he should direct his whining to McCarthy who childishly took his ball and scampered away after Pelosi nixed his two most radical opponents of an honest probe.

Secondly, Carlson’s assertion that Dunn would “pretend to speak for the country’s law enforcement community,” is pure fiction. Dunn never claimed to do so, and he isn’t the only member of law enforcement who will be testifying. What’s more, Carlson’s characterization of Dunn as “an angry left-wing political activist” is wholly inappropriate. He is a police officer who was doing his duty during a violent riot without any of the political posturing that marks everything Carlson does or says. Which means that Dunn actually has much “in common with your average cop,” but nothing in common with Carlson.

Thirdly, Dunn is an citizen who has every right to express his opinion outside of his official duties. But Carlson apparently doesn’t believe that Dunn is entitled to the freedoms that every other American enjoys. Could it be because he’s black and proudly supports his people? Well, it’s interesting that Carlson chose to attack Dunn, but not the white officers who are scheduled to testify before the Committee.

Finally, there is another element to this melodrama that needs further attention. Carlson is obviously very upset that Pelosi rejected Banks and Jordan for seats on the Committee. However, he failed to disclose that his son, Buckley Carlson, is Banks’ communications director. So Carlson is enraged that his son’s boss was denied the opportunity to dishonestly distort the events of January 6th, but he didn’t think it was important to reveal that familial connection, a clear conflict of interest and breach of ethics.

That’s the sort of white privilege that is present in much of Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson’s elitist life as the son of a diplomat and the heir to a frozen food fortune. Only now he is combining it with a hatred for police officers, African-Americans, Democrats, and patriots who respect the Constitution. And as usual, Fox News is behind him all the way.

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GOOD NEWS: Trump Warns That With Mail-In Voting There Will Be No More Republicans

America’s Biggest Loser, Donald Trump, continues to whine about his personal misfortunes. He is the most pitiful, weakest excuse for a “leader” the Republican Party has ever produced. How anyone can regard this sniveling crybaby as having strength is a mystery.

Donald Trump, Vote By Mail

Not only is Trump the first president in history to be impeached twice, his single term in office resulted in Democrats winning the House, the Senate, and the presidency. He is the first president in decades to leave office with fewer people employed than when he started. He exploded the national debt by cutting taxes for corporations and the wealthy. He advanced the nuclear aspirations of both Iran and North Korea. He incited deadly riots in Washington, D.C., by insurrectionist mobs. And he presided over the loss of more than 600,000 American lives due to his negligent and incompetent mismanagement of the COVID pandemic. And now Trump has a warning for his Republican confederates:

“Republicans must take seriously the effort by Democrats to completely change America through the Reconciliation Process. Democrats are now suggesting that budget reconciliation can be used to pass Mail-In Ballot legislation as well as trying to include Amnesty in their infrastructure package.” […]

“Any effort to dictate national Mail-In Voting will be a disaster for our Country and for conservatism. There will never be a Republican elected to high office again. I urge every Republican to fight this and deny Democrats a quorum if that is what it takes to make sure that the Democrats can’t use reconciliation. Republicans must push back for the sake of our Country and, far less importantly, the sake of the Republican Party!”

Trump’s warning reeks of the impotence of a failed wannabe tyrant who is waddling down dark alleyways fantasizing about returning to his imaginary throne. But even worse, it’s a warning that most Americans would view with delight. The prospect that “There will never be a Republican elected to high office again,” is more of a reward than a threat.

The MIT Election Data and Science Lab conducted a study on recent elections and the impact of mail-in voting. They found that “The percentage of voters casting ballots by mail grew to 46 percent, more than doubling the fraction from 2016.” So mail-in voting is not only popular, but it’s popularity is growing exponentially.

What’s more, citizens who voted by mail in 2020 indicated that they are anxious to continue doing so. A staggering 88% of Democrats said that they are “very” or “somewhat” likely to vote by mail again. And 68% of Republicans said the same thing.

So Trump is pleading for the GOP to fight the most popular form of voting that contributed to the highest voter turnout in 120 years. That should go over well with voters of all stripes. The truth that every American can plainly see is that Trump and the GOP are scared witless of higher voter turnout. They have always aimed at placing obstacles to voting because they know that the more people who vote, the more Democrats win.

The last thing that Republicans want is anything that actually resembles democracy. That explains why a recent poll revealed that the tiny but noisy Cult of Trump believes that the January 6th insurrectionists were “patriots” who were “defending freedom.” However, if they think that they can parlay that insanity into future electoral victories by suppressing the vote, they are likely to be sorely disappointed.

As for Trump, he is terrified and reduced to begging Republicans to help him build a virtual wall to stop the American people from voting. He’s so terrified that he’s expressing his fears of a voting populace out loud. And it isn’t the first time. In April he said pretty much the same thing on Fox News:

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Avenging Trump? The Lying Fox News Crusade Against Eric Swalwell is in Full Swing

Rep. Eric Swalwell of California has distinguished himself as one of the most effective voices opposing the criminal activities of Donald Trump. He was outspoken during the investigations of Trump’s sordid associations with Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign. He was one of the House managers of Trump’s unprecedented second impeachment. And he is even suing Trump for his role in inciting the January 6th insurrection in Washington, D.C.

Fox News, Donald Trump

If that isn’t enough, Trump was caught unlawfully spying on Swalwell and other Democrats. So naturally Trump’s Ministry of Disinformation (aka Fox News) is fighting back on behalf of Trump. And they are doing so with their customary dishonesty, rumor mongering, and vile insinuation. An article on the Fox News website engages in an outright smear campaign that relies solely on distortions and innuendo. The headline feverishly shouts that “Swalwell spent thousands of campaign dollars on booze and limo services, $20K at hotel where his wife worked.” It’s opening paragraphs read that…

“Prominent Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell of California appears to have spent tens of thousands of campaign dollars on booze and limousine services, as well as over $20,000 at the luxury hotel where his wife used to work. The tens of thousands of campaign dollars include limo services, luxury hotels, high-end restaurants and alcohol delivery services over the course of the second quarter, according to FEC records reviewed by Fox News.”

The article itemizes several examples of what it implies are improper expenditures. However, it doesn’t offer a shred of evidence that any of the payments were actually improper, or even irregular. The funds all came from a campaign account and they all appear to be common expenses associated with campaign events. Virtually every politician holds fundraisers where they hire banquet halls and caterers to schmooze potential donors. And all of the expenditures were properly reported with the Federal Elections Commission.

Perhaps Fox News has a problem with how campaigns are funded by wealthy donors and corporations. That would be a fair criticism. But they have never mentioned it before. They also have never made similar complaints about Republicans who do exactly the same thing. What’s more, Democrats like Swalwell are the ones who advocate for campaign reforms that would remove or reduce this sort of fundraising, but Republicans staunchly oppose those reforms.

The article also insinuates that there was something untoward about hotel expenditures at a Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay where Swalwell’s wife was employed. But that employment ended two years ago and neither she nor the congressman would benefit in way by choosing this hotel. And it happens to be located on a scenic part of the California coast just a few miles from his district, making it a reasonable site for a campaign event. Once again, Fox News is trying to whip up a phony controversy.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Fox News would seek to malign a truthteller in Congress who refuses to be bullied by Trump and his confederates. And that includes Donnie Trump Jr, who posted a disgusting tweet (which will not be linked to here) in which he lied about everything other than the fact that Swalwell is still on the House Intelligence Committee:

Eric Swalwell, Donald Trump Jr, Fox News

That vulgar, infantile, Twitter tirade tells you everything you need to know about the Trump Spawn. And the fact that Fox News News defends this sort of perverse behavior tells you all you need to know about Fox.

UPDATE: Rep. Eric Swalwell tweeted a link to the reposting of this article on DailyKos:

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How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
Available now at Amazon.