Pathetic ‘Both Siderisms’ Used By Fox News to Dismiss Biden’s Victory Over Trump

It has been more than a week since election day, and four days since every news network (including Fox News) called the race for Joe Biden. Of course the whiny baby in the White House still refuses to concede or to accept reality. There is so much that the American people won’t miss when Donald Trump is gone. Unfortunately, he has been feverishly tweeting delusional assertions that he is actually the winner. And he’s flooding the courts with frivolous lawsuits that keep getting thrown out for lack of even a sliver of evidence.

Donald Trump, Two Faced

Meanwhile, the Trump-fluffers at Fox News are contradicting the reporting by their own network. Bootlicking sycophants like Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Tucker Carlson are devoting their programs to Trump’s crackpot conspiracy theorizing that Democrats somehow rigged the election to produce hundreds of thousands of phony votes in at least six states. None of them have offered any proof of the truth for their claims, but then when has Fox News (or Trump) ever relied on truth? That’s one of the reasons that the public regards both Trump and Fox News as losers.

In addition to Fox’s primetime Ministers of Propaganda, the network’s chief media correspondent, Howard Kurtz, is joining the parade of disinformers. He published an op-ed on the Fox News website that lays out an argument that electoral denial is being disseminated by both the Trump and Biden camps equally. It’s a classic case of “both siderism.” However, the absurdity of that position is evident in how pitifully Kurtz backs it up.

Kurtz leads off by asserting that the election isn’t over and that “the world is acting like Joe Biden is the 46th president.” Where on Earth is Kurtz getting the idea that the world is “acting” like Biden won? The world is, in fact, recognizing the legitimacy of the democratic process and the utter absence of any hint of irregularities. But where Kurtz really goes off the rails is in a series of comparisons of comments made about the election’s conclusion. For instance…

“On one side, we have Whoopi Goldberg scolding Trump voters for questioning the election, telling them to ‘suck it up.’ On the other, we have Mike Pompeo dismissing as ‘ridiculous’ a question about the transition, saying: ‘There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration.’

Notice that Kurtz is contrasting the opinion of Whoopie Goldberg, a TV talk show host, with an official statement by Pompeo, Trump’s Secretary of State. Because those are basically the same thing, right? Similarly bizarre comparisons were littered throughout his article. He truly seems to regard random pundits as being equal in influence to current White House staffers.

In a couple of particularly egregious examples of misplaced equivalency, Kurtz compared actual actions taken by high level administration officials as comparable to mere commentaries by TV hosts. First he noted that…

“You have the head of the General Services Administration refusing to sign a routine transition order that would allow Biden teams access to federal departments and agencies to start the customary talks with outgoing officials.”

This directive manifestly harms national security by preventing President-Elect Biden from receiving classified briefings, as well denying him access to resources necessary for the transition to proceed. And then there’s this…

“Bill Barr generated headlines when he authorized federal prosecutors to pursue election fraud allegations, breaking with the Justice Department tradition of not getting involved until the results are certified.”

Barr is not just “breaking with the Justice Department tradition.” He’s flagrantly abusing the power of his office for a fishing expedition to find imaginary cases of election fraud. And failing that, he’ll use the attempt to imply fraud where none exists. That will weaponize the Justice Department’s efforts in order for Trump’s media confederates to make empty insinuations.

Both of these extremist, unprecedented assaults on democracy were cited by Kurtz as being essentially identical to the musings of former political aides and television commentators. Apparently Kurtz couldn’t find a single example of someone with similar influence on the Democratic side of these debates to compare with the Trump flunkies. So he settled for these wholly unfair and unbalanced comparisons because he was so intent on a making a point that he really couldn’t justify.

In closing, Kurtz offered a ludicrous summation saying that “I’m surprised that some on the left are also lashing out, despite the fact that their guy won.” Really? If Kurtz can’t understand why people on the left would respond to the preposterous ranting of the reality-challenged loser in the White House who seems to be orchestrating a coup, he needs to retire to a nice Trump-branded senior community with a fully staffed nursing facility. He certainly shouldn’t be in the news business.

And if Kurtz is actually interested in observing both sides, he might want to look at both sides of the Fox News view of accepting the results of an election:

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Stunned Fox News Anchor’s Hot Mic Swipe at Guest’s Ludicrous Defense of Trump

To everything, there is a season. And apparently this is the season for Fox News to find itself in the confusing position of shielding Donald Trump from any and all criticism (which is their foundational mission), and recognizing a little thing called reality. Surprisingly for Fox News, on Monday reality somehow managed to prevail.

Donald Trump, Fox News

The debate over whether or not Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election exists only on right-wing media. And the leading purveyor of blatantly conservative bias is Fox News. That’s true despite the fact that Fox called the election for Biden on Saturday, as did all the other television news networks. Although Fox made the call last. Which is also where their ratings for the day were.

In the days that followed that demonstrably rational call that was supported by the data, Fox’s primetime hosts smeared their own so-called “hard news” colleagues for what they regarded as caving in to George Soros and the liberal cabal that orchestrated the “hoax” that Biden had won. Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Tucker Carlson, have all adopted Trump’s delusional insistence that, contrary to the facts (and the votes), he “won by a lot.”

Trump is still filing lawsuits to overturn the election even though they keep getting dismissed in court for lack of merit or any evidence to support his claims. But in some selected circumstances, Fox News isn’t playing along with his fantasies. One of those circumstances occurred during an interview of Republican attorney Cleta Mitchell by Fox anchor Sandra Smith. The exchange included this dramatic hot mic episode:

Mitchell: Just because CNN says – or even Fox News says – that somebody is president doesn’t make them president.
Smith: What? What is happening. Trace, we called it.
Mitchell: I think everyone wants to know that this was done properly and legally and we can trust the results. And I think we have to look into every one of these concerns.

The look on Smith’s face says it all. She is stunned by Mitchell’s pigheaded assertion that there is still some ambiguity about the election’s outcome. But Mitchell is a fully indoctrinated Trump cultist who is only capable of regurgitating the talking points distributed by Trump’s White House Office of Propaganda. There are no credible legal analysts who regard Trump’s claims as valid. And even if they were, there wouldn’t be enough votes affected to change the results in any state.

Despite this obvious example of what some Fox News personnel are thinking, there are scant few examples of them embracing these views on the air. To the contrary, we have far more examples of Fox’s Trump-fluffers slobbering over the “president,” lashing out at his critics, and defending his lies. and that will continue for another couple of months until Trump is evicted from the People’s House. Then it will be on to full time anti-Biden programming at Fox for the next four years.

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Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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LOSERS: Both Trump and Fox News Came in Last on Saturday

Misery loves company. And there are few experiences more miserable than joining the One Term Club of failed U.S. presidents. That’s where Donald Trump finds himself today, even as he frantically tries to deny reality with his frivolous lawsuits and impotent tweets pitifully claiming that he “won by a lot.” He didn’t. And the American people are not going to miss the abundant abominations of his deviant detour from democracy.

Donald Trump, Fox News, Hate Again

Along with Trump’s humiliating loss to Joe Biden, a candidate that he unsuccessfully tried to demean as a mentally deficient socialist, Fox News has also proved to be a failure in the early stages of the post-Trump era. On Saturday most news agencies called the election for Biden. CNN came first, followed by NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, the Associated Press, and bringing up the rear, a clearly reluctant Fox News.

However, even more troubling from Fox’s perspective, they came in dead last in the ratings against their cable news competition. And it was a distant last place finish at that:

“‘CNN has been the most-watched network for continuing coverage of the 2020 presidential election, and that sterling performance culminated on Saturday, as the network earned by far the most viewers’ during Biden’s victory speech, TVNewser’s A.J. Katz wrote. […]

“CNN averaged 13.6 million viewers during the live coverage; MSNBC averaged 8.5 million; and Fox News had just 3 million. This is a pattern that we’ve seen with Fox for some time — the network fares very well as the ‘voice of the opposition’ to Democrats, but when Dem leaders are speaking live or celebrating something, Fox’s audience fades.”

This is more than just an affirmation that America’s news consumers prefer the honesty of CNN, NBC, etc., to the lies and propaganda of Fox News. It also reveals that Fox’s audience is a brainwashed cult of devotees who are unconcerned with truthful reporting. The audiences for the non-Fox news organizations grew substantially on Saturday, especially for the Biden victory speech. But the three million viewers for Fox were about the same number that they would have had on any other day. So the Fox News audience is apparently just a parish of disciples who will watch no matter what is going on.

Leading those disciples is the cult’s Dear Leader himself. Trump has been conspicuously absent from the media since election day. He hasn’t made a single public appearance or spoken to the press, including his Ministry of Propaganda, Fox News. However, he has been feverishly tweeting video clips of his State TV sycophants. On Sunday night, in fact, he posted ten videos of the Trump-fluffers on Fox News parroting his desperate denial that had Biden had won.

That’s a lot of video posts, even for Trump. Particularly when he has recently been upset with Fox. On election day he phoned into Fox and Friends and complained that the network gave too much airtime to Barack Obama. He also called Fox “a problem” because they’re going the way of CNN, and they’re going the way of MSNBC.” This summer Trump whined that it’s So hard to watch @FoxNews anymore because “The Radical Left has scared Fox into submission.” And there is so much more of this whining due to Fox not being sufficiently worshipful at all times.

Trump, however, seems to still be glued to Fox News because he knows there is nowhere else for him to go for such devoted support with a hefty audience of dimwitted cult followers. The alternatives (i.e. Newsmax, OANN, etc.) are low rated also rans. So Trump will stick with Fox, where the two losers can continue to offer each other solace and unquestioning promotional support. That is, until after he leaves office and decides to build his own, destined to fail, media empire.

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Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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Twitter Says Civilian Trump Will Be Subject to Suspension for His Lies and Abuse

Elections have consequences. And one of those that could be surprisingly significant is the position that Twitter is taking toward the Tweeter-in-Chief, Donald Trump. Now that Joe Biden has succeeded in deposing Trump, he will no longer have the special status that has shielded him from the rules that the rest of have been subject to on social media.

Donald Trump, Toilet, Bathrobe

Trump has been a notoriously abusive presence on Twitter. He lies without shame, invents alternative facts, promotes bizarre conspiracy theories, and attacks anyone who has the audacity to be less than worshipful. Just in the few days since election day, Trump has posted 25 tweets that Twitter had to flag for being untruthful and/or misleading. Anyone else would have been banned from posting with that record of violating the terms of service for the site. And now, according to The Guardian

“Donald Trump could lose more than just the presidency this January. Twitter has confirmed that, if Trump leaves office, he will no longer receive special treatment as a ‘newsworthy individual.’

Twitter’s policy around newsworthiness protects certain people – such as elected officials with more than 250,000 followers – from having their accounts suspended or banned for rule infractions that would otherwise lead to severe penalties.”

The wrist-slapping that Trump has been given in the past by Twitter has had little to no effect on his illicit behavior, other than to stir his bitter anger for having been held accountable at all. In fact, he has threatened to alter laws related to user comments online in an attempt to punish Twitter and other Internet media for trying to establish standards of civil discourse.

However, the prospect of being suspended or banned in the future should he continue being a boorish sleazeball is a step forward in compliance with community standards. Whether that will rein in Trump’s natural tendencies to offend might be a stretch. But it’s a start.

News Corpse has a vested interest in this policy directive. My Twitter account is currently suspended for allegedly violating Twitter’s rules. Twitter didn’t reveal what the violation was, so it’s impossible to know the reason for the suspension. But I can affirm with confidence that there have been no comments that were misleading, untruthful, abusive, or otherwise in violation of Twitters rules. My best guess is that some right-wingers who disagreed with my point of view sought to censor me by maliciously filing false reports causing an automated suspension.

An appeal of the suspension was filed, but Twitter doesn’t give any indication of how the appeal process is carried out. So I have no idea if there will be resolution in the next few days or months or ever. If anyone has any pull with the Twitter Gods, feel free to intervene on my behalf. Also, feel free to post links to my articles on Twitter, as well as tweets beseeching the site (@Twitter, @Jack) to free me from this unfair suspension.

It’s ironic that Twitter gives special treatment to high profile, “newsworthy” individuals. Because people like that have much greater influence. When they tweet lies or abuse it goes out potentially to millions. If I were to do that it would go out to a much smaller audience. So Trump’s abusive tweets have a far more destructive impact than anything I could do, if I had that intention.

Nevertheless, I’m suspended and Trump is still tweeting lies like I WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT! and This was a stolen election.”

The good news is that, with Trump’s defeat, he will become another civilian user who will be subject to the same rules as the rest of us. Or at least that’s what Twitter is saying now. That won’t help me get my account (and my ~7,000 followers) back, but it may protect the American people from the avalanche of atrocious falsehoods and attacks that have been gushing from Trump for so many years.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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What We Won’t Miss When Trump Slinks Off to the Black Mar-A-Lagoon

“It aint over til the fatass sings.” Or something like that. But contrary to this slightly altered aphorism, it is most definitely over. Joe Biden is the President-Elect and Donald Trump is what he has always been: A loser! And while he will continue to pursue frivolous, meritless, impotent lawsuits that wouldn’t even change the election results if he prevailed, the end of his reign of terror has come.

Donald Trump Circling the Drain

Much of the nation is anxiously awaiting Trump making that final walk from the White House to the Big House. There are stacks of indictments awaiting a civilian Trump. But whether he is prosecuted or flees the country as he himself proposed, one thing is certain. America will not miss him and what he represents. The following is a brief, and necessarily abridged, collection of what we won’t miss:

  • Fake News: Trump has spent five years maligning the media in Stalinist terms as “the enemy of the people.”
  • Incessant tweeting: Not a day goes by without Trump venting incoherently on Twitter.
  • Pathological lying: He has been documented to have told more than 25,000 lies.
  • Daily attention seeking: He can’t stand not being the center of attention.
  • America First jingoism: He promotes a form of American supremacy.
  • Craven misogyny: He viciously attacks and insults women. And there are at least 26 women who have made credible allegations of assault and/or harassment.
  • Embracing foreign dictators: Trump idolizes brutal tyrants like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un
  • Alienating allies: He has driven away long-time allies and broken agreements.
  • Blatant propaganda: He disseminates utterly fictional stories to boost himself.
  • Emboldening racist hate groups: He refuses to condemn groups like the KKK and Proud Boys.
  • Crackpot conspiracy theories: Trump spreads ludicrous and baseless allegations.
  • Colluding with Russia: He and his closest associates are tightly intertwined with Russian leaders and operatives.
  • Shameless boasting: He can’t stop bragging about things he hasn’t done.
  • Petulant whining: He can’t stop complaining about criticism for things he has done.
  • Infantile nicknames: i.e. “Sleepy Joe,” “Crazy Nancy,” and “Shifty Schiff.”
  • Malignant narcissism: Trump’s psychoses are apparent and dangerous.
  • Relentless vengefulness: He will always seek revenge for imagined slights.
  • Obama jealousy: He is obsessively fixated on the fact that he can never measure up to Obama.
  • Pitiful ignorance: This is the guy who thinks Stealth fighters are invisible, windmills cause cancer, and hurricanes can be nuked.
  • Criminal grifting: Trump has made a fortune directing taxpayer dollars to his own business and extorting funds from domestic and foreign entities seeking his favor.
  • Authoritarian aspirations: His executive orders are blatant abuses of power and he routinely ignores the law.
  • Childish tantrums: A six year old would be embarrassed to behave like Trump.
  • Reality TV media stunts: He has never left behind his television game show host attitude.
  • Denying climate change: This is killing the planet and its inhabitants.
  • Denying the coronavirus: This is killing Americans.
  • Denying reality: This is just how perversely Trump views a world that he can’t understand.

And as if that weren’t enough, here some of the people that America won’t miss as they fade into the post-Trump ether: Mike Pence, Bill Barr, Steve Mnuchin, Betsy DeVos, Kayleigh McEnany, Rudy Giuliani, Kellyanne Conway, Stephen Miller, Jared Kushner, and of course, Ivanka, Don, and Eric Trump. All of the above is just the tip of the iceberg. And it is all sinking into obscurity. So good riddance to every last bit of it.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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Trump On Losing to Biden: ‘Maybe I’ll Have to Leave the Country’

The dystopian era of Donald Trump has come to a predictably graceless but welcome close. Joe Biden has officially been projected to be the next President of the United States. Nevertheless, Trump is still declining to concede, and Fox News is refusing to address Biden as President-Elect. All of this despite the fact that the election returns continue to show that Trump has suffered a significant loss with Biden flipping up to five states that voted for him in 2016. So naturally, he’s freaking out on Twitter.

Donald Trump

Trump began his Saturday morning by pumping out a series of tweets consisting of such flagrant lies about imaginary election fraud that Twitter flagged four of them as “misleading.” His allegations typically failed to provide an iota of evidence to support his ranting. And contrary to reality, He dropped a delusional tweet claiming that “I WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT!”

This would seem, therefore, like a good time to recall what Trump himself said about the prospect of losing to a candidate that he relentlessly maligned as mentally deficient socialist:

“Running against the worst candidate in the history of presidential politics puts pressure on me. Could you imagine if I lose? My whole life, what am I going to do? I’m going to say ‘I lost to the worst candidate in the history of politics.’ I’m not going to feel so good. Maybe I’ll have to leave the country? I don’t know.”

Is there any way that we can legally hold Trump this? It would make millions of Americans ecstatic by removing a humongous stain on the nation’s legacy. His departure would be celebrated by patriots who revere honesty, intelligence, and the core principles that America stands for. And as for what Trump will do now and for the rest of his life, the answer to that question can be delayed until after he’s finished his prison term.

The effect of Trump having defined Biden as a wild-eyed leftist radical, as well as suffering from cognitive decline, is actually a humiliating confession and a brutal self-own. After all, if Trump can’t beat a commie with dementia, then what does that say about Trump? It says what most Americans have known all along: That he is a moronic, narcissistic, aspiring tyrant, and pathological liar. And he will not be missed. But the administration of Biden and Kamala Harris – the first woman VP – will be memorialized as an historic event.

And the ultimate nightmare for Trump: Fox News projects Biden win…

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Fox News has Instructed Its Anchors Not To Call Joe Biden ‘President-Elect’

The likelihood of Joe Biden advancing to the presidency is becoming more of a certainty with every hour and every release of new vote totals. And the likelihood of a mental breakdown by Donald Trump is increasing correspondingly. In fact, Trump is dangerously close to abandoning his already tenuous grasp of reality. He’s whining about imaginary “illegal” votes, as his fear and disbelief that he isn’t universally beloved threatens to boil over.

Joe Biden, Donald Trump Baby, Fake News

As the presidential race winds to a conclusion, Trump is reported to be incapable of conceiving the notion that he has lost. According to CNN, inside sources report that “Trump has not prepared a concession speech and in conversations with allies in recent days, he has said he has no intention of conceding the election.” To which the Biden campaign had a pithy reply:

“The American people will decide this election. And the United States government is perfectly capable of escorting trespassers out of the White House,’ Andrew Bates, a spokesperson for Biden’s campaign, said in a statement.”

In the meantime, Fox News is doing what Fox News does. As Trump’s official Ministry of Propaganda, Fox has been nursing Trump’s narcissistic psychoses. They encourage his utterly baseless allegations of election fraud and defend his brazenly dishonest public statements. And now, in a strikingly atrocious departure from journalistic integrity, they are embarking on a path of denial to avoid acknowledging Biden’s imminent victory. The nefarious intentions of Fox were disclosed by CNN’ Brian Stelter (video below):

Stelter: Two memos obtained by CNN from three different sources all around Fox News say that when Joe Biden reaches that point where he crosses the threshold of 270 [electoral votes], Fox will not identify him as “President-Elect.” […] These memos at Fox News say they will stay away from that description. These memos direct Fox stars, anchor, pundits, and talk show hosts, to avoid language like “President-Elect” because of the President’s legal challenges.

This is a blatant refusal to accept the decision of the American people and an assault on democracy. Fox News is affirming their loyalty to Trump, a despotic charlatan who is only interested in his own aspirations for unchecked power, over that of the United States. It’s a shameless concession to authoritarianism and a rejection of the principles upon which an honest media rests. As for Trump’s frivolous legal adventures…

Stelter: Of course, these are longshot legal challenges. We’ve been talking about this on the air. But Fox is taking these challenges very seriously, showing shocking deference to the President. After 25,000 false and misleading claims from this president, Fox still assumes he’s telling the truth. They’re promoting voter fraud innuendo. They’re denigrating cities like Philadelphia. And they’re treating these longshot lawsuits, these truthless suits, like they are serious pursuits.
Jake Tapper: This is so odd because there is no credible evidence of widespread fraud. None. So if you are a Fox reporter or anchor, somebody not on the opinion side, and you’re gonna abide by this crazy instruction, you might as well hand in your press credential at the same time because you can’t be taken seriously as a journalist.
Abby Phillip: Fox is acting as an arm of the Trump campaign, and the Trump campaign is treating Fox like they’re an arm of their own campaign. They’ve been on the phone all week haranguing senior people over at Fox

What Phillip is referring to are conversations Trump had with Fox News chairman, Rupert Murdoch. As reported by Vanity Fair, “Trump phoned Fox owner Rupert Murdoch to scream about the [Arizona election] call and demand a retraction. Murdoch refused, and the call stood.” Murdoch had previously predicted that Biden would beat Trump in a landslide. So it appears that there are some mixed feelings at the network. On one hand, it’s their mission to support and defend their Dear Leader at every opportunity. On the other hand, they may be concerned about their floundering reputation if they don’t realistically observe current events.

It appears that the former hand has superseded the latter. Fox News is choosing to prop up Trump, the loser in this race, because they don’t have the honesty or integrity to show respect for Biden, the winner. And they have totally lost control of their on-air disseminators of propaganda (Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends, etc.). Even their so-called “news” side anchors (Brett Baier, Martha MacCallum, etc.) are subject to this directive. Which should alert every news consumer, once and for all, that Fox is a disreputable source to be avoided at all costs.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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NOTE: News Corpse was notified by Twitter recently that its account would be permanently suspended for repeated violations of their rules. Which is strange because it has never been cited for a single violation in 11 years and they didn’t even identify this alleged violation. The notice had no reply address and provided no way to appeal. They just bounced the account and its 7,000 followers. So if anyone wants to tweet articles from this website, please feel free. Thanks for your support.

America Has Rejected Trump Bigly and He’s Freaking Out

It’s been two days since election day and several states are continuing to count ballots that were properly cast prior to that day. Contrary to the maniacal ravings of a frantic and desperate Donald Trump, there is no voting in progress, just vote counting. Nevertheless, Trump is aggravating his bone spurs by running around like a greased pig and making ludicrous allegations and demands.

Donald Trump Walking the Plank

On Thursday morning Trump took to his Twitter machine to blast out (twice) an all-caps demand to STOP THE COUNT! That’s an interesting position for him to take considering that A) He has no authority to issue such a demand, and B) If he got his way that would mean that Joe Biden has won. Biden’s current tally of electoral votes is sitting at 270 right now. So ironically, Trump needs the count to continue if he has any hope of being reelected.

Regardless of Trump’s bombastic babbling, there is an undeniable truth that he is furiously trying to avoid for the sake of his fragile ego. The American people have spoken and have clearly stated that they want Trump to get the heck out of their White House. More people have voted for Biden than any other presidential candidate in history. The popular vote margin in favor of Biden is already over 3.5 million. So despite the pending status of the outdated and undemocratic Electoral College, the people have – for the second time – rejected Trump in a big way.

That, however, hasn’t stopped Trump from ranting wildly on Twitter. Along with his impotent order to stop counting votes, Trump has declared that…

Once again, that’s not a determination that Trump has any authority to make. This has already been litigated up to the Supreme Court where it was decided that votes sent before election day, but received after, can be still counted. Trump wants to throw out valid ballots because he knows that he’s losing and his only path to victory is to cheat through either suppressing the vote or filing frivolous lawsuits. With regard to the latter, Trump tweeted that…

Consistent with Trump’s history of flagrant and frequent lying, he offers no proof whatsoever for his assertion of voter fraud. His reliance on the media for affirmation is a bizarre dodge considering his long held opinion that they are “the enemy of the people.” But he says that they have “Plenty of proof” of his imaginary fraud. However, if you take his advice and check that out, you won’t find any such evidence. Unless you’re looking at disreputable outfits like Breitbart, the Gateway Pundit, OANN, or Fox News.

Three of Trump’s Thursday tweets (so far) have been flagged by Twitter as “misleading.” That adds to the six tweets from Wednesday that were also flagged. He is basically producing a steady stream of dishonest propaganda in order to salvage the wreckage of his failed campaign.

To be sure, there are disappointments for Democrats who hoped to have won the majority in the Senate (for which there is still a narrow window) and flipped some more state legislatures. But the verdict on Trump is unmistakable. He is broadly disliked and even hated. He has never been a popular president. His approval rating has never hit fifty percent in four years.

Now this election confirms that the American people are sick and tired of his hostility, dishonesty, ignorance, incompetence, and infantile, self-serving behavior. It remains to be seen if the Electoral College results will provide the relief that the people seek. Current returns suggest that it will. But no matter how much he bellows, Trump can’t change the fact that he is unwanted, except by some law enforcement agencies that are investigating his criminal activities.

NOTE: News Corpse was notified by Twitter recently that its account would be permanently suspended for repeated violations of their rules. Which is strange because it has never been cited for a single violation in 11 years and they didn’t even identify this alleged violation. Meanwhile, Trump repeatedly violates Twitters rules and is slapped on the wrist with a “flag.”

The notice received had no reply address and provided no way to appeal. They just bounced bounced the account and its 7,000 followers. So if anyone wants to tweet articles from this website, please feel free. Thanks for your support.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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Crybaby Trump Whines that ‘They Are Finding Biden Votes All Over the Place’

The emotional despair that is engulfing Donald Trump is escalating as the likely reality of his loss to Joe Biden becomes clearer. He probably knew on Tuesday morning judging by the unmistakable tone of defeat in his voice during a phone-in interview on Fox News. But that sense of desperation has only gotten worse as election results continue to trickle in.

Donald Trump Pacifier Fox

As expected, Trump is engaging in a blatant disinformation campaign in an attempt to steal the election. Unfortunately for him, his yowling has no impact on the tabulation of the votes or the outcome of the race. It is just the annoying squeal of a sore loser who has run out of options. Even some of his Republican confederates are repulsed by his authoritarian style hijacking of the election. They include Chris Christie, Rick Santorum, and even Chris Wallace of Fox News.

With each new release of vote counts, it’s more apparent that Biden will not only prevail in the electoral college, but he received more votes than any presidential candidate in history. The remaining votes to be counted are predominantly absentee and mail-in ballots that skew heavily toward Biden. That’s because Democrats encouraged voting by mail while Trump falsely maligned it as rife with fraud. What’s more, the delay in counting is directly attributable to the malfeasance of the Trump administration and their corruption of the Postal Service.

So Trump’s whining is both dishonest and purposefully disruptive since he’s responsible for the delay that he’s complaining about. If you poison the wine, you can’t bitch about it making you sick. Meanwhile, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Trump took to Twitter to plead his baseless and unsupportable case:

That, of course, was last night and more votes have been counted since then. Trump is having trouble understanding that concept. Furthermore, his lead didn’t “magically disappear” and there were no “surprise ballot dumps.” The votes being counted were cast before election day and everyone knew they were going to be processed. But that didn’t stop Trump from griping…

As noted above, it’s obvious why these votes lean toward Biden. They are mail-in ballots that Trump convinced his supporters to avoid. He seems to be the only one who fails to grasp that simple fact. And it’s driving him crazy as he regards it as “destructive,” while the majority of Americans are thrilled and relieved. But Trump continued…

If “they” are “finding Biden votes all over the place,” then what is Trump’s reason for not counting them? His warped view that it’s “bad for our Country” is not a valid legal argument to subvert democracy. And finally (so far)…

Actually, no one is working hard to make Trump’s alleged advantage disappear. They are working hard to count valid votes that just happen to be for Joe Biden. And 500,000 is not a difficult deficit to overcome since there are more than 1.5 million outstand ballots in Pennsylvania from bright blue districts.

Despite the simplicity of the explanations for what is occurring in the aftermath of this election, Trump is intellectually and emotionally incapable of understanding them. And he is focused intently on his own interests and subduing the ferocious fear that is consuming him. He knows that his loss will place him in legal jeopardy and deprive him of the financial windfall he has been extorting from the public till. So expect more of this mindless ranting until well after final counts are announced. The “most fabulous whiner” (as Trump calls himself) plans to live up to that reputation.

NOTE: Two of Trump’s tweets above were flagged by Twitter as “misleading.” These are just the latest out of many that have been so flagged. That says something about Trump’s aversion to the truth. Yet Trump gets to continue tweeting his lies. [UPDATE: By the end of the day Trump had six tweets flagged as “misleading.”]

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Deflated and Defeated: Trump’s Final Pre-Election Interview on Fox News

During a year burdened with the deadly coronavirus pandemic, a historic recession, civil unrest, and the most divisive political environment in generations, election day may have seemed like it would never arrive. But, lo and behold, here we are. And now it’s just a matter of time before the nation learns whether it will go forward in a positive direction with the sane and decent leadership of Joe Biden, or if Donald Trump will somehow stumble back into the White House for another four years of turmoil, ignorance, and hostility.

Donald Trump, Mask, Fox News

In advance of the day’s voting, Trump spent some time with his bootlicking mood boosters at Fox News for a phone-in “interview.” And the “Curvy Couch” potatoes at Fox and Friends performed their Trump-fluffing duties just as they have for the past four (plus) years. The only real difference between this appearance and those Trump has done previously was Trump himself.

The normally hyped up “president” was uncharacteristically reserved this morning. In fact, he sounded exhausted and depressed. It’s almost as if he knew that his prospects for winning were as remote as my prospects for dunking on Lebron James.

Trump’s speech patterns were slow and halting. He appeared to have trouble forming coherent thoughts. The pauses between words signaled an inability express himself without sinking into pessimism and depression. For example, early in the segment Trump was asked by co-host Steve Doocy a simple, softball question regarding speculation that he would try to declare victory long before the results were in:

Doocy: At what point will you declare victory?
Trump: When there’s victory, if there’s victory. I think we’ll have victory. You know, the polls are suppression polls. I think we’ll have victory. But only when there’s victory. There’s no reason to play games. And I think we’ll have victory. I look at it as being a very solid chance of winning. I don’t know what the chances are. I don’t know how they rate the chances. But I think we have a very solid chance of winning.

In that brief exchange Trump repeated himself incessantly, especially the word “victory” (six times) as if he was trying to convince himself. And he says that his chances are good, even while saying that he doesn’t know what the chances are or how they are arrived at. For the record, FiveThirtyEight puts his chances at ten percent, and the Economist puts them at only three percent.

Following that, Trump was asked another gimme by co-host Ainsley Earhardt:

Earhardt: What has it been like? Have you loved the job? Has it been worth it? Because you’ve been under so much attack.
Trump: Well, it’s been mean. You’ve dealt with horrible people like “shifty” Schiff and “crazy” Nancy, and “cryin” Chuck Schumer. You deal with some horrible people.

So Trump’s response to whether he considered it “worth it” to be president was to complain about the “horrible” people he had to deal with. Of course, those people are the elected representatives of the people who Trump was so disrespectful to with his infantile nicknames. But more to the point, he couldn’t articulate any reason why he might have “loved” serving the people of the United States as their president. It’s been obvious for the past four years that he has indeed hated the job. He’s done nothing but whine about having to deal with the media, our allies, and members of Congress. In fact, he elaborated in his answer to complain that dealing with the U.S. is more difficult than dealing with China, Russia, or North Korea. That’s what he calls patriotism?

Finally, Trump couldn’t resist taking a shot at Fox News right in the faces of his hosts:

Trump is whining that Fox News hasn’t been sufficiently adoring of him. But to him anything less than 110% unflinching worship is inadequate. His examples of Fox’s betrayal are mainly that the network has aired a few speeches by Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Trump says that “there are other networks for that,” affirming his view that Fox News is his personal Ministry of Propaganda.

To hear Trump in this interview one can’t come away without the feeling that he’s given up. He’s recognized that he will not be reelected and that now he has to turn his attention to the legal jeopardy that will face him as a civilian. His demeanor is dripping with despair for the bleak future that awaits him. And for the majority of the American people, it can’t come fast enough.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
Available now at Amazon.