Wait, What? Did Trump Just Concede that Reports of ‘No Evidence of Voter Fraud’ is a Fact?

Donald Trump continues to be fixated on his “Big Lie” that incited the January 6th insurrection in Washington, D.C. His obsession with these dangerously inflammatory allegations that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him remains the focus of his public commentaries. It’s the same insanity he’s been dispensing for months. And the madness that he’s spreading is almost certainly going to lead to further violence.

Donald Trump, Insane, Straight Jacket

On Saturday Trump issued another of his ego-soaked press releases. And his spokeswoman, Liz Harrington, obediently posted it on Twitter, a violation of Twitter’s terms of service for which she should be suspended. The message was a tedious reprise of the very same tantrums Trump has been throwing for months but which, for some reason, his glassy-eyed cult followers never seem to tire of.

However, this statement began with an awkwardly phrased assertion that serves as an inadvertent admission. Trump wrote that it’s…

“Very interesting, funny, yet sad, that every time I read or hear a story in the Lamestream Media about the 2020 Presidential Election Scam, it always is preceded by the fact that, “while no evidence of voter fraud is available,” or statements to that effect, this could not be more incorrect or “fake.” Massive evidence has been accumulated which shows voter fraud at a level that is virtually beyond comprehension.”

So Trump is now conceding that all of these stories about alleged election fraud are “preceded by the fact” that, “no evidence of voter fraud is available”? That’s good to know.

Of course, Trump isn’t really acknowledging reality. Just like he stubbornly fails to accept the reality of his humiliating election loss to Joe Biden. He’s just incapable of forming a coherent thought. And that is evident in the rest of this press release that purports to show that “Massive evidence has been accumulated which shows voter fraud at a level that is virtually beyond comprehension.” He must be keeping all of that “massive evidence” locked up at his Mar-All-Ego resort on Florida. And what is “beyond comprehension” is that anyone would believe his ravings.

Right off the bat Trump claims that there was something amiss with 35,000 votes in Georgia. But while says to “check out the recent story,” he doesn’t bother to provide a link or even cite the publisher. That may be because it comes from a single – and utterly disreputable – source, the ultra-rightist Federalist. And then Trump says to “watch what is happening in Arizona, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania,” where there is nothing notable happening at all, other than some Kool-Aid drinking Trumpists trying unsuccessfully to manufacture “proof” of election fraud.

Following that, Trump whined about “Republicans in name only (RINOS)” who he believes are deliberately covering up the “corruption” of Democrats, for which he is still unable to offer even a sliver of evidence. Nevertheless, he babbles about the “fake” “Mainstream Media” and insists that “People and facts are coming out at a level which can only be called ‘fast and furious.'” But the only actions coming out “fast and furious” are investigations into criminal election interference by Trump and his anti-democracy minions. Those probes are currently ongoing in Arizona, Michigan, and Georgia, so far.

In addition to Saturday’s press release, Trump also called in to Fox News for his regular tongue-bathing by Maria Bartiromo. The shamelessly sycophantic Bartiromo let Trump ramble on about the shooting of violent insurrectionist Ashli Babbitt. Naturally, Trump suggests that the shooting was a Democratic assassination plot of an “innocent, wonderful, incredible woman.” that originated in the office of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer:

When the subject came up about the House Select Committee that is being assembled to investigate his January insurrection, Bartiromo approached it tenderly, leaving out any remnant of context or facts:

Bartiromo: It may very well be that Kevin McCarthy is called to testify under oath. Do you want to tell us what took place on that phone call?
Trump: No, I don’t have to because Kevin will speak and I’m sure Kevin will be very good from that standpoint. But I will tell you this: If they’re gonna do this very partisan investigation because they couldn’t get support to do a straight investigation, a big part of that investigation is the reason people went to Washington, and that’s because of the fraudulent presidential election of 2020. And that has to be a part of it.

And everybody that got there, I think, those people want to talk about the reason they were there. Because to me, that’s the biggest crime of all. We had a corrupt election. We had a rigged election. We had a stolen election. And that’s why you had over a million people march to Washington.

Notice that Trump, who ordinarily won’t shut up for two seconds, doesn’t want to talk about what happened in his phone call with McCarthy. That was McCarthy’s call for help during the Capitol siege that Trump refused saying that, “I guess these people are more upset about the election then you are.” And McCarthy wasn’t particularly interested in talking about it either when asked by Chris Wallace of Fox News.

What’s more, Trump correctly observed that the Select Committee was only established “because they couldn’t get support to do a straight investigation.” To be clear, it was Republicans who refused to support the bipartisan commission, despite the fact that Democrats agreed to all of their requests.

Finally, Trump goes into his all-fiction song and dance about the “rigged, corrupt, stolen” election. And to add some new spice, Trump is now applying his infamously deficient math skills to claim that “over a million people” participated on Insurrection Day. Which is another inadvertent admission that the rioters were his supporters, not Antifa or Black Lives Matter, as Trump and his Fox News apologists have been trying so desperately to spin.

All of this contributes to the “massive evidence” that Trump and Fox News are depraved and unrepentant liars. Although on Trump’s part there may also be some measure of metal illness producing his hysterical delusions and paranoia. And their brazen dishonesty is creating an environment of peril for democracy and America. Not that they care. They have already killed more than 600,000 American with their purposeful lies about the COVID pandemic. So what’s a little nation destroying after that?

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SRSLY? GOP Senator Vows to Fight Back Against ‘The Left’s War on…’ Meat?

The election of Joe Biden not only sent Donald Trump packing back to Mar-All-Ego, it also launched a months long state of desperation by the Trumpified Republican Party that has been utterly incapable of attaching their manufactured “scandals” to the new President.

Donald Trump, Republican, GOP

Try as they might, the GOP has failed miserably at tarnishing Biden’s image or his broad approval by the public at large. They have floated conspiracies about vaccine outreach programs. They have fear mongered about Critical Race Theory. They have even attacked the romance of the Bidens 44 year-long marriage.

On Saturday Republican Senator Joni Ernst took another swing at muddying up Democrats. She posted a tweet warning her followers about the horror of the alleged “Left’s War on Meat,” an altercation that exists only in her diseased and paranoid mind.

Does Ernst really believe that this is the issue that will galvanize voters and motivate them to turn out for Republican meat saviors? Well, having observed the intellectual state of the GOP lately, she might be on to something.

However, there is simply no truth to the claim that Democrats are waging a war on meat. In fact, they are as enamored of burgers and bacon and McNuggets as any Republican. And there aren’t any bills in Congress to ban or limit meat production or consumption. Although there was a previous attempt by GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-QAnon) to peddle a ludicrous lie about Biden proposing a 90% cut in meat from America’s diet. That, of course, never happened. So where is Ernst’s evidence of a war?

Despite the fact that she is battling a mirage, Ernst has introduced a bill to fight back against her imaginary foes. The TASTEE Act is a bizarre and unnecessary piece of legislative nonsense that states that “An agency, or a contractor of an agency that provides food services to a dining facility of the agency, may not establish a policy that prohibits a dining facility of the agency from serving a particular type of food.”

Really? So an agency cafeteria would be prohibited from establishing their own menus? Would they be forced to serve every type of food, whether anyone wanted to eat it or not? Would this bill take precedence over the cuisine preferences by patrons? And isn’t this the sort of federal government interference in commerce that the GOP usually opposes?

The article that Ernst’s tweet linked to supports her fear of meat discrimination, up to a point. It began by asking “Have you noticed that meat is always the ‘culprit’? Obesity. Environmental degradation. Cancer. Animal abuse. Climate change.” Which is a pretty good question, considering that meat actually is responsible for obesity, environmental degradation, cancer, etc. And it is also, according to Forbes, a prominent contributor to the climate change crisis. Plus, the article also made this rather salient point:

“Michigan State University’s 2021 Food Literacy and Engagement poll found that 41 percent of Americans were likely to buy faux meat that looks and tastes like real meat. That’s up from only 33 percent in 2018.”

So consumers are trending toward meat alternatives in big way. Why is Ernst against free market capitalism? The American people appear to be capable of making their own dietary choices without Ernst or the feds mandating menus by law. But more to the point, Why is Ernst ginning up alleged “atrocities” by Democrats that have no basis in reality. Like the Impossible Burger, it seems that Ernst is taking a big bite out of Impossible Facts – her own family recipe of alternative facts.

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At Trump Insurrection Convention GOP Rep Says to Prepare to Sacrifice Your Lives

If anyone thought that the deadly insurrection that took place on January 6th in Washington, D.C., was a transitory affair that concluded when the rioters were driven from the Capitol, think again. That was just the opening salvo in a battle that is still ongoing. And it is a battle that Donald Trump and his Republican confederates intend to exploit for as long as possible, causing as much harm as they can. Never mind how delusional they have become about all of it.

Donald Trump Rally, Sieg Heil

As evidence of the Trumpian right’s determination to wage another civil war, witness the remarks by Rep. Mo Brooks (R-QAnon) at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas, Texas, on Friday. His speech was a call to arms to the CPACers, aimed at whipping up their already seething hostility and hatred for fellow Americans (i.e. Democrats and liberals) that he, and most other CPAC speakers, viciously and falsely malign as Marxists and communists (which they couldn’t define if their lives depended on it). Brooks ranted that…

“Our choice is simple. We can surrender and submit, or we can fight back as our ancestors have done. Think for a moment about our ancestors who fought at Valley Forge. They didn’t fight the British, they fought for survival. Twelve thousand Continental soldiers arrived. Five, six months later two thousand had died.

“Think about what they went through. Burying your brothers, your fathers, your sons. Ten to fifteen a day, every day for six months. That’s the kind of sacrifice that we have to think about. And I ask you: are you willing to fight for America? Are you willing to fight for America? Well, the choice is simple. This is how you fight for America. This is what America needs you to do.”

When the inevitable violence that this sort of rhetoric incites comes about, Brooks can’t pretend that he was speaking metaphorically. He is drawing a straight line from wartime events that resulted in thousands of fatalities, to the specific actions he is imploring his audience to take. It is not unlike his remarks on January 6th prior to the assault on the Capitol when Brooks said that “Today is the day American patriots start taking down names and kicking ass.” This is the guy that Trump has endorsed for the Senate in Alabama.

Make no mistake, violent insurrection is the goal of Trump and the anti-American, QAnon seditionists of the Republican Party. The Justice Department has recognized the potential dangers that are being fueled by this toxic pseudo-populism. And the nation must remain vigilant and determined to insure that democracy prevails over the domestic terrorism and totalitarianism of the today’s Trumpified GOP.

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Psaki to GOP: Failure to Provide Accurate Public Health Info…is Literally Killing People

This week President Biden discussed his administration’s outreach program aimed at getting more people vaccinated against the coronavirus. The details were presented by Press Secretary Jen Psaki at the Daily Briefing on Tuesday. And that discussion triggered an ongoing freak out by Republicans and their mouthpieces on Fox News.

Jen Psaki

The frantic freaking is still in effect as Brian Kilmeade of Fox and Friends babbled deliriously about government goons who are “gonna knock on your door. They’re gonna demand that you take it. And they’re gonna give you a third shot.” Needless to say, that crackpot conspiracy exists only the minds of Kilmeade, his Fox confederates, and their dimwitted viewers.

But it doesn’t stop there. Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-QAnon) attended the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas on Friday and told an interviewer that Biden’s door-to-door informational effort is really just a prelude to the wholesale confiscation of every American’s guns and bibles:

If Cawthorn thinks that the “mechanisms” that would be in place to send the feds to every home in the country is an evil plot, I hope nobody tells him about the Census or the Post Office, who have been doing that for decades.

In the interest of providing a definitive rebuttal to this avalanche of asininity, posted below is Jen Psaki’s response (video and transcript) to a question on this subject by ABC News White House correspondent, Karen Travers. Psaki spells out precisely what the outreach program is and isn’t. Not that it will will satisfy the glassy-eyed cult followers of Donald Trump, but at least it can be referenced when needed to rebut the right-wing crazy:

Travers: There’s still pushback about the President’s comments about going door-to-door to encourage vaccination. The South Carolina Governor said today that “enticing, coercing, intimidating, mandating, or pressuring anyone to take the vaccine is bad policy that will deteriorate the public trust and confidence in the state’s efforts.”

And Gov. McMaster said he’s going to prohibit the state health agencies from using the administration’s targeted tactics. Can you respond to the Governor and explain what is being done and what is not being done in this outreach?

Psaki: Sure. Let me first say that the failure to provide accurate public health information, including the efficacy of vaccines and the accessibility of them to people across the country, including So. Carolina, is literally killing people. So maybe they should consider that.

But I would say that what this is, and what this is not, it is not federal employees going door-to-door. This is grassroots volunteers. This is members of the clergy. These are volunteers who believe people across the country, especially in low vaccinated areas, should have accurate information; should have information about where they can get vaccinated; where they can save their own lives and their neighbors’ lives and their family members’ lives.

That’s exactly what this is. It’s something that’s been going on since April. And it’s something where we’ve seen an impact in states where there are lower vaccination rates. So it’s something that we will continue to work with local groups to do. And it’s a disservice to the country, and to the people who may lose their lives, may lose family members, to provide inaccurate disinformation at a moment when we’re still fighting a pandemic.

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Fox News Can’t Keep Its Lies Straight About Biden’s Vaccine Outreach Initiative

As the nation continues to battle the deadly coronavirus pandemic that Donald Trump so badly mismanaged, Fox News continues to mislead their viewers and foment irrational fears based on outright lies. They have a burning obsession with finding fault for anything and everything President Biden does whether it’s real or not, and regardless of the harm it causes.

Donald Trump, Fox News, Coronavirus

On Friday morning’s episode of Fox and Friends, co-host Brian Kilmeade unleashed another of his frantic, factless tirades aimed at disseminating a flagrantly false narrative about Biden. The subject was the President’s latest initiative to save American lives by promoting the safety, effectiveness, and availability of vaccines. Fox News and the Republican Party of Death have already been maligning this initiative, with some characterizing it as a Nazi-style infringement on freedom. And in the spirit of that insanity, Kilmeade said to…

“Ask yourself if you have a problem with this. They’re gonna knock on your door. They’re gonna demand that you take it. And they’re gonna give you a third shot.”

Of course, none of that has even a passing resemblance to the truth. Nevertheless, Kilmeade went on to rant that “It’s unbelievable how offensive his administration is getting with a pandemic that is clearly on the run.” Apparently Kilmeade hasn’t heard that the Delta variant of the virus is surging in (mostly Trump) parts of the country. For the first time in months the infection and hospitalization rates are going up.

However, in a rare display of honesty, another Fox News anchor delivered some factual information about the Biden outreach program. Gillian Turner interviewed Fox News contributor Marc Thiessen and presented him with what the program is actually doing. Thiessen, however, wasn’t moved:

Turner: In the Biden administration’s defense, they’re insisting with this door-to-door strategy they’re not showing up with needles. They’re not showing up with shots. Nothing is happening on your front doorstep in front of your neighbors. They are not gonna come jab you. But what they are trying to do is get information to you. They are trying to make sure that you know these shots are free, that you are eligible, where you can go to get one. It’s an information sharing operation, they say. Does that assuage some of your concern at all, or not really?
Thiessen: Not really. I don’t want people showing up on my doorstep before knowing my vaccine history.

Turner made some excellent points, putting the program’s mission into the proper context. So expect Fox News to make her disappear for a few weeks while she is undergoing reeducation. As for Thiessen, what the heck is he talking about? Does he want people to get his vaccine history before showing up on his doorstep? To be clear, the outreach program will not collect information about people’s vaccination status. It will be targeting geographic areas that are known to have low vaccination rates. And no one will be required to get a shot, or even listen to the volunteers in the field.

Thiessen went on to complain that Trump wasn’t included in a public service ad that featured all of the living former presidents promoting the vaccine. He implies that Trump was deliberately left out. There is, however, no proof of that. In fact, it was Trump who demonstrated his disinterest in promoting the vaccine (that he nevertheless claims credit for) by getting vaccinated secretly in January and not disclosing it until weeks after he left office.

Furthermore, Trump has declined all previous attempts to appear with the other former presidents. And when asked about his non-participation in this ad, Trump repeatedly refused to respond. That doesn’t sound like he was left out. Were that the case he would be whining about it ceaselessly and complaining about how mean everyone is to him.

Thiessen concedes that it is Trump country that is lagging in vaccinations. So he wonders why the Biden administration doesn’t recruit Trump to]“go to Mississippi and do a public service ad, or do something out there telling people to get vaccinated.” As if Trump would do anything at the request of the President that he has been yammering about for months, saying that he isn’t really the President. Turner reminds Thiessen that Trump “could also do that on his own” and that he doesn’t need “to wait for a formal invitation from the White House.”

I hope no one is holding their breath for Trump to visit Mississippi to help their residents get vaccinated and avoid severe illness and death. That would take time away from his golfing and his cult rallies where he pays tribute to himself, insults his critics, and perpetuates the “Big Lie: that the election was stolen from him. And everybody knows that those are his only priorities. He can’t be bothered with saving lives.

UPDATE: Press Secretary Jen Psaki makes it abundantly clear what the outreach program is all about:

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Fox News Court Jester Callously Insults People Injured During Trump’s Insurrection

A few weeks ago Fox “News” debuted “Gutfeld,” an alleged “comedy” program that they positioned as their answer to The Daily Show or the network late night offerings from Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, and Jimmy Fallon. It would have been considered a bizarre departure for a news network, but fortunately, no one really considers Fox to be one of those.

Fox News Bozo

Guess what? Fox is also not a comedy network. And Greg Gutfeld is only a comedian if you think that crude mockery of people who are disadvantaged or suffering is funny. As a committed elitist, he has still not learned one of the most basic principles of comedy: You do not punch down. And he regards jokes about child abuse, drug addiction, and Alzheimer’s as comedy gold.

On Wednesday Gutfeld led his program with a monologue that mined the same sort of cruelty that is the hallmark of his character, or lack thereof. The subject was Trump’s January 6th insurrection in Washington, D.C. On that day more than a hundred police officers were injured, some with permanent disabilities. At least three are deceased. They were protecting America’s seat of democratic government, but their sacrifices have been dismissed by Republicans who refuse to investigate what happened and why.

In addition to the police and the members of Congress, journalists were among the victims. They were also, therefore, the targets of Gutfeld’s wrath. His monologue (video below) attacked reporters who are now struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder caused by Trump’s Capitol Hill rioters. He callously belittles the emotionally bruising experience saying of reporters that…

“Apparently seeing a clown in a Viking hat knocking over a bottle of white-out on Dick Durban’s desk is tantamount to being mauled by ISIS in your kitchen.” [and that] “They’re more distraught than the Kardashians during a silicon [sic] shortage.”

Like many in the Trumpian/Fox News World, the rioters who violently assaulted the police, bashed in the doors and windows of the Congress, vandalized property with feces, and chanted about killing Nancy Pelosi and hanging Mike Pence, were invisible. Gutfeld refuses to acknowledge that reality, while characterizing the rioters who assaulted reporters and destroyed their equipment as merely “A group of largely unarmed housewives and dads.”

Gutfeld goes on to sarcastically dismiss the injuries of the journalists. He refers to them contemptuously as “these poor souls” and maligns them for thinking that January 6th was worse than 9/11. But that’s a notion that Gutfeld applied to everyone because a single reporter drew an association. Gutfeld quoted Matthew Dowd saying that…

“To me, though there was less loss of life on January 6, January 6 was worse than 9/11, because it’s continued to rip our country apart and give permission for people to pursue autocratic means.”

Which is an excellent point. Dowd wasn’t saying the loss of life was worse, but that the aftermath socially was. Gutfeld completely missed the point that after 9/11, the country came together to console and to heal and to seek to respond to the assault on America. But after January 6th, conservatives like Gutfeld sought only to divide the nation and defend the perpetrators who attacked it, as well as the citizens who condemned the attack. Trump confessed his “love” for the rioters. And others at Fox News, like Tucker Carlson, denied and/or excused the violence.

And remember, to Gutfeld and his Fox News confederates, all of this was hysterically funny. Dead and maimed cops, traumatized congressional representatives and their staffs, emotionally scarred journalists, were all the innocent targets of his vicious and infantile sense of humor. A regular laugh riot.

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Hannity and Dershowitz Display Their Utter Ignorance and Disrespect for the Constitution

On Wednesday Donald Trump announced that he intends to file a lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter, Google, and their executives for not allowing him to disseminate dangerously inflammatory lies. It’s a laughably pathetic legal stunt populated by a clown show of disreputable attorneys making preposterous arguments.

Fox News Sean Hannity

Trump’s lawsuit has been recognized by most legal experts as a frivolous abuse of the court system that is aimed more at fleecing his cult followers than prevailing in court. But undeterred by rational legal analysis, Fox News jumped eagerly into supporting Trump’s futile legal antics. On Wednesday evening Sean Hannity invited Alan Dershowitz to comment on the litigation. Dershowitz was a member of Trump’s impeachment defense team, so his prejudices and intellectual deficiencies are apparent. However, he was truly skirting the edges of coherence when he engaged in this exchange with Hannity:

Hannity: Seems like a strong case. But obviously nothing is a slam dunk.
Dershowitz: This is the most important First Amendment case of the 21st century, and it’s important because it pits freedom of speech on the one hand against the First Amendment on the other hand. That may sound paradoxical, but remember, it’s the high tech giants that are banning freedom of speech. They are censoring. But they are claiming the right to do so under the First Amendment. So they’re using the First Amendment as a sword against freedom of speech.

First of all, Hannity’s assertion that Trump has a “strong case” is contrary to reality. Not only does the case fail on legal grounds, it was filed in in the wrong jurisdiction – Florida rather than California – and may be dismissed on that alone. That’s just more proof that this is a charade for profit and that Trump and his lawyers don’t have any real intention of winning.

As for Dershowitz, he is making it hard to believe that he was ever regarded as a constitutional scholar. He began his remarks by portraying the case as “the most important First Amendment case of the 21st century,” when it isn’t actually a First Amendment case at all. For it to be a First Amendment case there would have to be government involvement in suppression of free speech. But Trump’s targets are all private companies. Trump’s lawyers are trying to claim that the social media companies are “government actors,” but that’s an imaginary label with no legal validity.

Where Dershowitz goes off the rails entirely is the nonsense that the “high tech giants” are claiming First Amendment protection to censor Trump. They are not. They have never asserted a First Amendment protection because they aren’t being suppressed by the government. What’s more, they have every right to monitor what appears on their websites. By Dershowitz’s standards, I should be able to force Fox News to give me airtime every night.

Furthermore, they are not “banning freedom of speech.” Trump, as he has said himself, has many opportunities to express himself, some of which he has claimed are superior to the companies he’s suing. “I’m really getting the big word out,” Trump bragged, “because we’re doing releases. And every time I do a release it’s all over the place. It’s more elegant than Twitter.”

Once again, Trump opens his big mouth and undermines his own arguments. In fact, his “releases” are actually undermining the entire premise of his lawsuit. Every time he makes incendiary statements about how the Radical Left Democrats will “further DESTROY our Country,” and that the 2020 presidential election was disgraceful and corrupt and “RIGGED and STOLEN,” he’s affirming the decisions by the social media platforms to remove his violence inciting account. So the more he keeps talking, the better. (Geez, I never thought I’d say that).

And meanwhile…

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Crybaby Trump Files Asinine ‘1st Amendment’ Lawsuit Against Twitter, Facebook, and Google

Last week Trump’s spokes shill tweeted that Trump would “make a huge announcement” on Wednesday, July 7, 2021. That day has come and the announcement is living down to the expectations that most people have for the one-term, twice-impeached, former reality TV game show host who is indisputably America’s biggest loser.

Donald Trump, Constitution

From his Bedminster, New Jersey golf resort, Trump delivered a nearly hour long address to reveal his intention to file a lawsuit against “Big Tech” companies, Twitter, Facebook, and Google. Make no mistake, this alleged litigation (there is no evidence yet that it’s been filed) is driven purely by Trump’s voracious ego and thirst for revenge.

After having his accounts on social media suspended for blatant violations of their terms of service, Trump is proposing to exploit the courts to punish the private companies who took responsible actions to stem his inflammatory rhetoric. He already incited a deadly insurrection in Washington, D.C., on January 6th, and he is continuing his bellicose “Big Lie” rants that drove his glassy-eyed disciples to riot and storm the Capitol.

Trump’s tedious dissertation on his pending lawsuit was filled with bizarre and legally preposterous assertions. He starts off describing this suit as the beginning of a much bigger initiative. “We will take this battle,” he promises, “to state legislatures, to Congress, and to the ballot box.” But the whole premise of the action is ludicrous. Trump thinks that Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (which protects free speech) makes social media liable as “government actors” and subject to First Amendment prohibitions against censorship:

“Once they got Section 230 they’re no longer private companies anymore in a lot of views. […] These companies have been coopted, coerced and weaponized by government and by government actors to become the enforcers of illegal, unconstitutional censorship.

Not only is Trump’s interpretation of Section 230 completely off, he is articulating a paranoid, crackpot conspiracy theory that social media companies are in cahoots with the feds to silence him. Like his unhinged raving about election fraud, there is no evidence of these allegations either. But that doesn’t stop him from spouting off incoherently (video below) Some excerpts follow:

“Today, in conjunction with the America First Policy Institute, I’m filing as the lead class representative a major class action lawsuit against the big tech giants, including Facebook, Google, and Twitter, as well as their CEOs Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai, and Jack Dorsey. Three real nice guys. We’re asking the district court for the Southern District of Florida to order an immediate halt to social media companies’ illegal, shameful censorship of the American people. And that’s exactly what they’re doing.

We’re demanding an end to the shadow-banning, a stop to the silencing, a stop to the blacklisting, banishing, and canceling that you know so well. Our case will prove this censorship is unlawful, it’s unconstitutional, and it’s completely un-American. We all know that. We know that very, very well. Our lawsuit also seeks injunctive relief to allow prompt restitution.”

Trump didn’t cite a single legal principle to support his claims. That’s because he can’t. The Constitution’s First Amendment prohibits government censorship. Hence the wording that “Congress shall make no law […] abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.” Trump actually undermines his case by bragging about all the avenues of speech he has available to him that he insists are successful (they aren’t).

“We’re in a fight, we’re in a fight that we’re going to win. So many people have said to me, ‘Please sir, do something about big tech. Sue them, sir. Sue them.’ And they’ve been saying it to me for a long time. But there has never been a better time to do it. Polling released by Scott Rasmussen, highly respected, shows that nearly two-thirds of Americans believe that big tech companies should be required to abide by the First Amendment guarantee of free speech.”

Trump always has a “sir” story wherein some beleaguered soul begs him to do something that really only benefits Trump. And his reliance on the notoriously disreputable Rasmussen for polling data doesn’t advance his legal interests. Even reputable polls are not legal arguments. Cases are decided by statute and precedent, not popularity.

“Social Media has given extraordinary power to a group of Big Tech Giants that are working with government, the mainstream media, and a large segment of a political party to silence and suppress the views of the American people. And they’ve been very, very successful at that. Not in all cases, but in many cases totally successful.”

This is more conspiracy mongering that now includes a cabal comprised of the government, tech companies, the media, and Democrats. If you ask him, Trump would probably add academia, banking, the judiciary, liberal churches, and the Girl Scouts of America.

Following his prepared, TelePrompTer remarks, Trump took questions from what was obviously an exclusive club of ultra-conservative media. Every question was framed positively for Trump, or prefaced with adoring commentary. That’s just more proof that Trump can’t be taken seriously that he cares about a free press. Which, you recall, he has repeatedly maligned in Stalinist terms as “the enemy of the People.”

It’s impossible to set aside Trump’s flaming hypocrisy in all of this. After all, he’s the first one to “cancel” anyone who dares to contradict him. He is the undisputed King of Cancel Culture. He has called for dozens of boycotts of American companies. He even expressed his regret that he didn’t ban Facebook and Twitter when he mistakenly thought he could have as president. And now his buddy, Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida, is pushing a state law that would make it illegal for private companies to monitor their own website comments.

It’s from that perch of police state prohibition that Trump is heralding his campaign for free speech. So not only is Trump on swampy ground legally, he’s up to both of his chins in hypocrisy. This lawsuit, if it is ever actually filed, is going nowhere in hurry, according to most legal experts.

However, let’s hope that this suit isn’t dismissed before the defendants can conduct discovery. There is a wealth of information that can be acquired regarding Trump’s activities prior to, and during the insurrection, his relationships with right-wing media (Fox News, Newsmax, OAN, etc.), and efforts to unlawfully damage the commercial interests of private companies against whom he holds grudges. That should be fun.

UPDATE: It’s All About the Grift! David Corn of Mother Jones spells out the latest con.

“In typical Trumpian fashion, the cases were amateurishly cobbled together, with arguments and contentions that legal experts immediately derided. […] Trump has a long history of both threatening suits that never materialize and filing bogus cases that go nowhere.” […]

“Other than ginning up the Big Lie believers, there is another strong reason for Trump to proceed with this case: money. Lots of money. No sooner had Trump’s lawyers filed when his grift-machine kicked into action. A text message was sent to Trump supporters hitting them up for donations. “President Trump is filing a LAWSUIT against Facebook and Twitter for UNFAIR CENSORSHIP!” it proclaimed.”

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Trump World FREAKS OUT Over Jen Psaki’s Community Outreach to Promote Vaccinations

The sensitivity setting for right-wing snowflakes has long been set at abnormally low levels. It doesn’t take much more than a subtle breeze to trigger a monsoon of outrage. Anything from gross misunderstanding of Critical Race Theory to the scandalous horror of “Dandelion-Gate” can set them off for weeks on end. And don’t even mention Donald Trump losing the election due to millions of dead, Mexican voters with bamboo ballots, who got free water while waiting in line to vote.

Donald Trump, Woman, Fear

At Tuesday’s White House press briefing, press secretary Jen Psaki announced a series of five measures to promote COVID vaccinations to those who have not yet gotten theirs. While the Biden program has been pretty successful, it just missed meeting a 70% goal for vaccinations of adults 18 and over by July 4th. It got to 67% and they expect the goal to be reached in a couple of weeks.

One of the five measures announced Tuesday was a community outreach program. Psaki described it to the press corps in plain terms that were still too confusing for the Trumpists, including this Junior one:

“The President will outline five areas his team is focused on to get more Americans vaccinated. One: targeted, community-by-community, door-to-door outreach to get remaining Americans vaccinated by ensuring they have the information they need on how both safe and accessible the vaccine is.”

Uh-Oh! Not an “ANALOGY!” Psaki’s simple and unassuming proclamation was more than enough to light a fire under the Trumpian Alarmist Brigades. What appears to have incited their wrath were the frightening words “door-to-door.” Consequently, they amassed in formation at their Twitter outposts to derisively characterize the program as an evil plot akin to something out of the Third Reich.

They posted veiled threats about what they would do to anyone coming to their door. They appeared to believe that vaccines would be forced on them by government agents. They asked if those conducting the outreach would be wearing armbands. Some of them seemed to think that Psaki herself would be knocking on their door and – oh boy – was she gonna regret it.

Never mind that the statement Psaki gave was very clear that the outreach would be conducted by community members, not government agents from the basements of Washington pizza parlors. They would be recruited locally and include health professionals, clergy, educators, and local representatives.

What’s more, their purpose would be solely to provide information and answer questions. The objective of the program is to talk to those who still have concerns about getting vaccinated. This outreach would address whatever their concern is and try to refute some of the disinformation that has been disseminated by Trump and his Republican con gamers, and by the lie factory of Fox News. Everyone would still be free to make their own decisions about whether to get the shot. And just maybe some lives could be saved.

However, if you observe the reaction in Trump World it would appear that the Bolsheviks were advancing on subversive vaccine resisters to stab them with hypodermic needles full of microchips and anti-fertility drugs. It truly is a dystopian wonder to see. And it affirms just how deranged Trumpian America has become in these strange and trying times.

UPDATE: Naturally Fox News piles on with an utterly dishonest article about the community outreach program. The article quoted only Republican crackpots like Lauren Bobert, Dan Crenshaw, Thomas Massie, and Andy Biggs, making the same bogus and paranoid claims.

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How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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Kayleigh McEnany of Fox News Lies that ‘All of Our Founding Fathers Were Against Slavery’

There is one unmistakably common characteristic of Donald Trump’s administration and particularly his press office. It was a festering morass of lies and liars. And no one did it better than his last press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany. Which is why she was so quickly hired by Fox News after Trump was booted from the White House.

Kayleigh McEnany

McEnany’s aversion to the truth has been a hallmark of her public life. Examples of her deliberate dishonesty are abundant. They run the gamut from falsely asserting that the the Mueller report was a “complete and total exoneration” of Trump, to supporting Trump’s “Big Lie” that there was “ample evidence of fraud” in the 2020 presidential election.

Now McEnany is aiming for disinformer immortality. On Tuesday’s episode of Outnumbered on Fox news, McEnany made this shockingly ignorant claim:

“The haters never take a day off from hating. That is clear. They never take a day off from getting facts wrong. We know most of our forefathers, all of our main Founding Fathers, were against slavery, recognized the evils of it.”

The segment began with McEnany bravely defending the 4th of July from “Democrats, left-wing activists, and even the media” who she said “smeared the all-American holiday.” Which of course, they didn’t do. However, her comment demonstrated the hate that she was trying to project on Democrats. You can’t call others “haters” while you’re lying about them “smearing” a patriotic holiday.

Even worse, McEnany appears to be totally unfamiliar with American history. While accusing the left of “getting facts wrong,” she takes a million mile detour from the factual world. The truth about America’s Founding Fathers may be difficult for her and others to admit, but it isn’t in dispute. Most of them were “owners” of enslaved men, women and children. And those who weren’t tolerated the practice in order to hold the newly formed union together.

This is typical of how Fox News warps reality to stuff their square racist peg into their round white supremacist hole. They simply don’t care about facts that conflict with their pre-determined narrative. And they obviously know that their audience doesn’t care either, or is too stupid to tell the difference. But you can count on this appeal to bigotry and ignorance to be featured throughout the coming midterm elections and into the next presidential cycle. It is the only thing they have to run on.

NOTE: Twitter suspended the News Corpse account after 11 years without giving a reason. So if anyone wants to tweet articles from my website, please feel free to do so often and repeatedly. Also, Be sure to visit and follow News Corpse on Instagram. Thanks for your support.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
Available now at Amazon.